I never understand why people expect loyalty from Jay-Z.

This whole NFL spectacle is nothing more than free promo for Jay’s next album and jersey sales for his football team. I thought Jay-Z made it clear when he said he I’m not a businessman, I’m a Business, man. You don’t make it to billionaire status by being nice. Has everyone forgotten his days at Rockafella with Dame Dash? Remember when he left Dame high and dry (and broke) to do his own thing? We had the same conversation then that we are having now. In retrospect, it was the best move Jay-Z ever made.

Then there is Beyoncé. What makes you think Jay was going to be loyal to Kaepernick when he couldn’t even be loyal to his own wife? The 444 album wasn’t just a “grown man” album, it was a business move and public apology so his wife wouldn’t leave. Everything about Jay-Z is calculated, from his business relationships, his marriage and even this NFL deal.

I don’t understand why so many people are surprised but what’s even more shocking is why so many people are angry. Jay-Z is now a majority owner of a football team. Jay is our ancestor’s wildest dream. Kaepernick brought attention to police brutality by kneeling but Jay-Z bought a football team, became majority owner and can now make unprecedented moves in a different type of arena.

While Kaepernick was kneeling, Jay-Z:

  • Quietly raised money for Trayvon Martin’s family
  • Funded the Kalief Browder documentary
  • Funded activists in Ferguson
  • Lobbied Governor Cuomo to appoint a special prosecutor in the Eric Garner murder
  • Helped free Meek Mill

With all due respect, Jay-Z has brought way more attention (and action) to black issues that Kaepernick ever has or ever will.

 Ya’ll remember this:

Even Kaepernick would jump at the opportunity to own a football team so why shouldn’t Jay? If the NFL offered Kaep a contract tomorrow, he would sign it and run up and down the field like a good boy with a fresh pair of Nike’s. Kaep’s lack of support for someone who can be a change agent in the league speaks to his small mind and inability to see long term wins. Speaking of small minded, his girlfriend, Nessa Jiab, isn’t helping his cause. Someone needs to tell this loud-mouthed Middle Eastern industry bustdown to have several seats and while she’s at it, stop speaking on black issues that she knows nothing about. It takes more than dating black men and having plastic surgery to be a black woman. Kaep would be a fool to think this woman has his best interest at heart.

Moving on.

Jay-Z never loses. I can’t wait to see what Jay has planned and how he will use his influence in the NFL. The halftime shows are about to be lit and best believe he will use his power to push the league forward and create opportunities for people that look like him. I respect Jay-Z’s brand of activism. He isn’t just about getting attention, he is a change agent who gets shit done.

In the meantime, Kaep should be taking notes. He can either be with Jay-Z or against him. We don’t love Jay-Z because he’s loyal, we respect him because he makes chess moves that keeps us on the edge of our seats. I have a feeling with this new deal, we won’t be disappointed. Who knows? Maybe he can get Kaep a job. With Nessa around, we are sure that NFL hush money won’t last forever.

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