Guys, we are having the wrong conversation.

One year ago, Beyonce stopped the world with an epic performance so life changing, that Coachella bowed down and became Beychella.

It wasn’t just Bey’s performance that was monumental. Mrs. Carter carried twins, endured preeclampsia, almost lost a twin during delivery, and ballooned to 218 lbs. Sis had a lot going on.

On top of that, she still had to be a mom, wife, and the greatest entertainer alive. Beyonce is not only hard working, she’s magic.

Even through a traumatic pregnancy, Beyonce only took 6 months off. She packed up her babies and endured a grueling 8 months of rehearsal. She dedicated 4 months to rehearsing her music with the band then spent another 4 months focusing on choreography.

While this sounds like typical Beyonce fan fare, her process this time was different. C-sections cut all the muscles in your abdomen, weakening your core. Beyonce didn’t have to just learn new choreography, she had to retrain her entire midsection so she could move with the fierceness that is expected of her on stage.

Eight months of rehearsal? Beyonce’s prep work for one of the biggest performances of her life was surgical. Bey delivered a classic HBCU experience in 2 hours. For two hours, she sang from the depths of her core and flawlessly executed every move, in heels no less.

Her diet required the restraint that only Bey could accomplish. She gave up sugar, dairy, meat, alcohol…food. She gave up food. She lost a pound a day by doing stairs, Soul Cycle, and practicing choreography.

Side note, how relatable was Bey when she admitted that she took breaks during rehearsal to breastfeed? Not only did Beyonce show us her superpowers, she also showed us how super normal she is and normalized breastfeeding at the same time.

Then there was the performance itself. Between the dancers, singers, and musicians, there must have been well over 100 people on stage. Can you imagine getting that many people into formation? For 8 months? Bey had to pay each person a salary, per diem, hotel fees, and other operational costs just to ensure that her group was well prepared for the big day. Artists also pay for their own stage sets. Beyonce had the most elaborate set Coachella has ever seen. So much so, they kept it up and have it on display this year a shrine to greatness.

So imagine my surprise when I read that Ariana Grande made twice the amount as Beyonce for Coachella. I couldn’t believe it. Thank goodness I check my sources and discovered it was all a lie. A slow news cycle day. Turns out their contracts were exactly the same, 4 million a weekend for two weekends.

While less sensational of a headline, I was still shocked that Ariana and Bey pulled in the same performance fee. Beyonce’s whole process for Coachella is the type of work ethic that every employer dreams of. She went above and beyond to give Coachella the best performance it ever had. Ariana can sing and has an amazing voice but she doesn’t command the stage like Beyonce Giselle Carter. Ariana got 8 million dollars to sing. Beyonce got 8 million dollars to put on a show-stopping performance-they are not the same.

The Netflix special is the icing on the cake. Bey made way more than 8 million dollars for her Netflix Special. She flipped her performance and doubled down on the profits, proving once again that she has the trifecta: beauty, brains and talent.

Ariana is a talented artist but Beyonce is legendary. It really begs the question How does Ariana Grande make the same billing as Beyonce?

That’s the real conversation. And we need answers.

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