From the beginning, I’ve been for trans rights.

I remember attending boarding school and watching one of my best friends try to take her life because she couldn’t cope with her trans reality. Imagine her surprise when we told her we all knew, it wasn’t a secret, and we loved her regardless.

I’ve always considered myself progressive. I accept people for who they are and who they want to be but I’ve found a real sticking point in the women vs trans women discussion. For the longest time, I’ve refused to accept that there is a difference between trans and natural born women. If you want to be a woman, welcome to the sisterhood…has always been my motto. What’s to lose?

Until recently. I’ve found a real point of contention between trans and natural born women. Why do trans women want to compete in competitive sports against natural born women? Common sense dictates that women aren’t stronger or faster than men. Why do trans women take pride in pulverizing women in competitive boxing? Who is surprised trans women are breaking track and field records. There’s no way we can beat you. No matter how much you have adapted a female mindframe, your physical stature and hormones are still those of a natural born male. Of course transwomen are breaking records and defeating natural born women in competitive sports. Genetically, natural born women weren’t made to dominate men physically.

Does this make me transphobic? Or is this common sense? Even female runners with high testosterone must take hormone suppressants to compete in competitive sports against other women. Why isn’t the trans community held to the same standard?

Why won’t trans women play in the WNBA? Do you know how much money the league would make if women were dunking Harlem Globetrotter style and shooting 3’s like Steph Curry? Men wouldn’t care what you are, they would tune in. It would be like Sports illustrated, minus the swimsuits. The WNBA would make a killing.

At least the WNBA idea is something that benefits everyone and hurts no one. I don’t see why transwomen feel a sense of accomplishment dominating their female counterparts in boxing or wrestling. That isn’t competitive sports, it’s domestic violence.

So many women stand up for trans rights and it’s a shame that it is backfiring on us in this regard. To say the least, it’s very selfish and self-serving to participate in sports with no regard for the natural female anatomy. How is this a point of pride or something to aspire to?

I don’t get it. Not only do I not get it, I feel like natural born women have to be more cautious about who and what we support because in cases like this, it backfires against us and I hear no conversation from the trans side about solutions, only their rights and what they feel entitled to.


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