Every time A$AP speaks, I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

Did you see the video?https://youtu.be/m2OLIowzwQI

Any human being with a pulse can see that A$AP Rocky did nothing wrong. Literally, nothing. He even turned the camera on to prove that he wasn’t the aggressor and would have proof of the incident.

Yet, the man who assaulted him and his crew is free and A$AP is in a jail cell in Sweden for no reason. This has been become international news. The political machine that is Kim Kardashian has even gotten behind the cause to help free the incarcerated rapper.

Sidebar: Snoop Dog had egg on his face when he had to ask Kim to use her political influence to help this cause, despite the many “hoe” references he’s made towards her throughout the years. Now that she’s so graciously responded to his request to help A$AP, will he check Game the next time Game makes a sexually violent song about how he used to have sex with her? Snoop will definitely get further in life befriending Kim and leaving Game in the gutter where he belongs. But I digress.

Even President Trump has gotten behind the cause to help free the rapper. Politics aside, it’s a big friggin’ deal when the First Lady of the United States of America shouts you out as an artist for your artistry. Instead of focusing on getting out and plotting his next move, he’s committing career suicide. He could not say anything at all yet every time he opens his mouth, something stupid comes out.

Yes, he really did say this:

Even G-Eazy came to his defense to point out the clear difference between how A$AP is being treated and how G-Eazy was treated when he was arrested in Stockholm (Yes, that’s in Sweden) for assault and drug possession. He faced zero jail time after lunging at security during an attack towards a fan and police finding 1.5 ounces of cocaine on him. He paid a 9k fine and restitution to the victim and scurried back to America. In case you don’t know who G-Eazy is:

Hmmm, you have the white rapper with cocaine and assault charges and the black rapper who defended himself and only one of them has been detained.  If G-Eazy can see this is a clear case of racism, why can’t A$AP?

A$AP is making it hard for black people to support him. He’s young, rich and out of touch. We are rooting for him but every time he opens his mouth, he not only hurts his cause, he alienates a whole demographic of people who look like him and want to support him. Silence is golden, maybe A$AP should take a moment to reflect on race and political power systems and use his support system to get out of jail instead of offending his supporters who have rallied behind him despite his naïve comments. He’s been in jail so long, he’s going to have to change the dollar sign in his name to a Euro.

Maybe when he comes home Jay-Z will sit him down and school him because he’s clearly surrounded by the wrong people.

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