Wasn’t it just a week ago Remy Martin declared that we should all be the best versions of ourselves after the death of Nipsey Hussle?

Remy must be trying to be the best predicate she can be. Remy, 38 years old, wife, and mother of 5 may be headed back to prison after a fight with Love and Hip Hop cast member Brittney Taylor. Brittney, age 23, got into an argument with Remy’s daughter which lead to a misunderstanding which resulted in Remy punching Brittney in the eye.

First off, Remy doesn’t get any points for punching Brittney in the face. Remy, who recently just gave birth to a baby girl, is currently on parole until August 1, 2019. Is she willing to risk her freedom because she can’t control her temper? Brittney, who stands at 4’11 to Remy’s 5’10, was at a clear disadvantage against the All The Way Up rapper.

Remy has also made her living recently as the voice of reason on Love and Hip Hop, mentoring young artists on the show about the dangers of losing your cool when provoked. She even co-hosts “State of the Culture” with Joe Budden, often offering the more level headed perspective on all things hip hop. As a mother to someone who has kids Brittney’s age, Remy should have showed more restraint because now Brittney has lawyered up.

Brittney has officially filed a police report and retained attorney Sanford Rubenstein. Brittney’s attorney has issued a statement indicating they are seeking justice for Remy’s wreckless behavior.

Thug life never pays. You would think Remy would remember those 6 long years in prison before fighting children over trivial BS. Remy has worked extremely hard since her release on her look, career, marriage and family. Maybe she should take her own advice that she dishes on Love and Hip Hop and learn restraint.

In the meantime, she’s going to need a good lawyer. And while she’s at it, she might as well get out her checkbook because we are sure Brittney will be coming for those coins.

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