No, I’m not coming on too strong.

Kim tried it.

And zero fucks? Who does this trollup think she is talking to?

Must be nice to steal from black women, credit Bo Derek, and disrespect us at the same time.

Her new perfumes are coming out. We see you sis. Stirring controversy using our image to sell out scents.

Not once has she acknowledged black women in this controversy because she knows what she’s doing and she knows how to get rich using black culture as a toss away prop.

Kim K is an assault on black women, our bodies, and our culture.

You don’t have to be touched anymore to be assaulted. Actor Aziz Ansari was ridiculed by the #MeToo circuit for sexual assault because the victim didn’t feel valued after their sexual encounter. Let that sink in.

If that’s all it takes, black women can jump in the conversation and make the same argument against Kim K and companies like her that use black women’s imagery without crediting black women.

We don’t feel valued sis.

Since respecting women is the topic of conversation, let’s join #MeToo and face our biggest offenders. We need to talk about what respect looks like for all women.

And don’t think we forgot 53% of ya’ll voted for Donald Trump.




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