I think I’m voting for Trump next time.

He wasn’t too far off when he so boldly stated that black people should vote for him because they don’t have much to lose. I was appalled when he said it but looking back, I don’t know what I was more offended by- the audacity of an over-privileged white man making such a statement or the fact that it was true.

What do black people have to lose under a Trump administration?

I know under Clinton, mass incarceration exploded and it adversely impacted black people. That Democrat called our children superpredators and overzealously locked up our brothers, uncles, dads and husbands at disproportionate rates than white people. As if slavery wasn’t bad enough, the era of mass incarceration divided black homes and disrupted black economics. And we still haven’t gotten an apology for it, let alone real reparations to level the playing field and actually create solutions to fix the problem.

Then there was Obama. I was happy we finally had a President who looked like us for once but he didn’t do anything for black people either. And why would he? He isn’t a descendent of slaves. His mom was white and dad was a Kenyan immigrant. He didn’t grow up in the South Bronx, or Chicago. He grew up in Honolulu. Of course he was super passionate about immigration reform but immigration reform isn’t a black people problem. 

Here lies the problem with voting. First and foremost, black votes matter but we keep delivering our support to candidates who do nothing for us. Instead, we vote on issues that impact everyone but us. What are we fighting for? That’s the first thing we need to figure out. 

As I listened to the first Democratic debate, I heard them argue over bussing, immigration reform and global warming. If those are the biggest issues to squabble about, then Trump must not be doing that bad. Why are we addressing bussing in 2019? And the nerve of Kamala to cry over bussing given her controversial record on criminal justice. No one is excited about Joe Biden, he is the Hillary Clinton of this election cycle. The rest of the Democrats seem to throw ideas out there to see what sticks but none of them have a solid plan that appeals to black voters.

The notion that you have to appeal to everyone as Americans is BS. Native Americans make up 2% of our population but the US spends 6 billion on their healthcare every year. As part of their reparations, they get their own special healthcare system called the Indian Health Service (IHS). They also get land and casinos. I don’t know who negotiated their reparations package but it’s a crap deal given the history. But at least they got something.

America pays reparations for the Holocaust. The Japanese get reparations. There is even a Civil War veteran’s step-daughter who still receives a check from her step-father’s pension. Yes, she’s still alive- she’s 88 years old.

This isn’t a discussion about reparations. The point is if politicians really wanted the black vote, they would appeal to helping us in some way like they have for Native Americans, the Japanese and Jewish communities.

Trump did something amazing with the First Step Act- he actually signed it unlike Obama. 91.5 of inmates freed by the First Step Act were black. That’s a big deal.

The work Trump has done with Kim K. and the team of attorneys she has been working with is notable at best. There are real black people who have been released from prison under a system created and maintained by political elites who don’t care about us, and too many of those elites call themselves Democrats.

Black people haven’t banded together and communicated what are “black issues” but the obvious one is mass incarceration and Trump gets big points for that. Yes, his views on immigration reform and his solutions are horrendous but that isn’t our battle. There are a ton of marginalized groups in the US and we are one of them. No one has come to offer an olive branch to us. Do you see immigrants marching when we are gunned down by the police? Have you ever seen the gay community protest for black rights? No. So why do we show up to other people’s battles when we have our own interests to protect? This isn’t about handouts, this is about voting for a candidate who has black interests at heart and so far, the only candidate to address a major issue in the black community is Trump. Voting for Trump doesn’t make me xenophobic or racist, it means I’m voting in the interest of black people and I believe in the First Step Act and the reunification of black families. 

Don’t vote for a candidate because they are Democrat. Or Black. Or female. So far, none of the Democrats have offered a real plan to fix a system that has been against us for centuries. I don’t want to vote for Donald Trump but I will if the Democrats don’t get their act together and create a platform that creates opportunities or fixes problems for black people.

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