Dating is hard ladies.

I would say it “used to be easier” back when our grandparents dated but that would be a whole lie. Back in those days, Grandma didn’t work and Grandpa had a family, or two, outside his marriage. Marriage wasn’t about love, it was about survival and maintaining some elusive status quo. Thank goodness there was no social media then. Either way, relationships have always ranged between shit show to true love and this generation’s crop of men gives us no shortage of red flags, lies, and reasons to keep our legs closed.

Ladies, don’t be fooled by the packaging. Do your research before you invest time, let alone vagina, in any man that crosses your path. Not everyone is who they say they are.

Case in point, this guy. Men are the worst liars. They don’t care about things like “making sense”, they just want to look good, even if their make-pretend stories sound a whole mess. This fool can’t keep a straight story to save his life. One minute, he’s a Jag (military attorney) and the next, he’s a meter maid. The next minute, he’s a ranger and Assistant Chief police officer. Anthony Fludd can’t keep his lies straight and it’s no wonder he is single. How can a woman be happy with him if he’s not happy with himself? You must be a miserable human being to falsify your entire existence for the sheer purpose of getting a woman to like you.

Dating apps are a breeding ground for weirdos, liars and men who can’t meet women in real life. Anthony isn’t just a liar, he’s a creep too. Some people weren’t properly raised by fathers and it shows. This generation has a real problem with fatherless men and unfortunately, it’s women who are left to pick up the pieces.

I am happy to hear the woman who submitted this trash was smart enough to know to never (and I mean EVER) let a man who you just met pick you up from your home on a first date. This isn’t about chivalry ladies, it’s about safety first. And anyone (and I do mean anyone) who dates a black women knows rule #1: Don’t touch our hair on the first date. Not only did this man lie about everything after “Hello”, he had the niggacity to run his tainted fingers through this woman’s mane, without consent.

Red flags ladies, they start early. If there is anything to be learned here, it is do your research. Go online and do a Google search, run a DFAX or run your potential dates across your fiends first. No one can spot a lie quicker than a group of friends calibrating through a man’s bullshit at the same time.

In the meantime, if you see this man, run (don’t walk). If he is willing to go through such depths to lie, there is no telling what else he is capable of.

Safety first ladies.

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