I learned something yesterday.

A woman can take every precaution before meeting a man to ensure her safety and still find herself in a dangerous situation.

Case in point: Cedric Fitzgerald Gholston Jr.

With all the sexual assault allegations towards him on one thread, I just knew once I ran a DFAX on him, he would have a criminal history of being a sexual predator. But he doesn’t. Outside of some evictions, he doesn’t have anything in his file.

But there are red flags, nonetheless, if you encounter this pervert. First and foremost ladies, if someone offers you a piercing for $5, run. You get what you pay for. It’s no wonder countless women have complained about infections after he pierced them. Real piercing artists charge more than five dollars, use sterile products, teach you about aftercare and don’t sexually assault you during service.

I actually read the long version of this story. Dude is a rapist. “No” isn’t in his vocabulary.

Flicked her nipple? That doesn’t exactly scream “professionalism”. It sounds like women need to bring men with them when they get intimate piercings because you never know when you will need protection.

Even after reading all of these statements from women, there were still women who refused to believe this stuff happened. How many women have to tell you that a man has sexually exploited them before you believe them? Everyone can’t be lying.

Everyone complains about how rude he is.

Isn’t it illegal to record people you pierce without their consent? Sounds like a peeping Tom violation to me.

Did someone say petition?


Maybe someone needs to give the GA Department of Public Health a call at 404-508-7932 and ask for Mr. Cargo. I am sure he would love to hear about “Snap” and his work at Official Ink Tattoo at 5045 Memorial Drive Stone Mountain GA 30083.

In the meantime, ladies don’t be afraid to speak with the Dekalb County Police Department about your sexual assaults. No woman deserves to be harmed, period. Men like “Snap” will continue to think he can do whatever he wants as long as women remain silent to his bullshit.

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