First of all, ya’ll ain’t shit.

How did the innanet find this man from one video? All we got was some side angles and tongue action and you guys found this man in fifteen minutes.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Don’t get me wrong, sis was dead wrong for filming Pastor with her Iphone 11 and uploading it to Facebook. I don’t know what Pastor did but whatever she wanted, he should have gave it to her. This chick is scorned, or wanted clout.

How can he preach the word of God on Sundays now that all of social media has seen him putting in work? I don’t think this is quite how God wanted us to give our life to Christ. I know it’s about the message and not the messenger but it’s hard to cast away sin when you’ve seen your Pastor connecting to a different source. I don’t think this is what the Bible meant about “Speaking in Tongues”.

With the way he sucked the life out of her, I wouldn’t have missed any tithes, offerings, Wednesday Bible study or second service on Sundays. With the way Pastor went in, I too want to be drenched in the Holy Spirit. He has women, and I’m sure some men, ready to pass his mouth around like the collection plate. 

There is a lesson in this for everybody. No matter how “Holy” someone appears to be, everyone sins. This is why you put your faith in God and not man because as you can see, man will let you down everytime.

I wonder what his congregation thinks. I would love to be front and center at his church this cumming Sunday as he preaches from the Holy Book of David. Furthermore, who is his wife and what does she have to say after watching her husband eat it like the Last Supper?

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