Cheating doesn’t make you a terrible person.

Who am I kidding? Yes it does. It makes you a liar too.

It’s really hard to get a handle on this whole “dating” thing. One thing for sure and two for certain, men lie. I know women lie too but I only date men so stay focused.

If you read my blog, you know that I recommend a background check before meeting any man offline. Over 50% of people on dating sites are either married or engaged in some type of “situation”. Another 30% are scammers or con artists of some sort. With the odds against you, it’s always in your best interest to perform your due diligence.

But sometimes a background check doesn’t give you a complete picture. Just because a person hasn’t committed a crime doesn’t mean they aren’t criminal or morally bankrupt.

Speaking of morally bankrupt, meet DeAnthony “I’m a whole ass husband but cheat on my wife” Brown.

Women have access to the internet. It’s not hard to figure out when a man is married. Imagine dating new boo that you just gave a “loan” to and finding out on Facebook he’s married.

Ouch. Oh and sis, I don’t think he’s repaying that loan.

But in the meantime, we can warn others about this conman and philanderer. (aka a womanizer)

If you meet this southern gentleman, he will tell you he is in the throws of a divorce and hasn’t officially parted ways with his ex because of a marital property dispute. He will then tell you that his wife emptied out their accounts. At this point, he will ask you for a loan.

Don’t do it ladies. According to the woman who submitted this story, he has several outstanding “loans” from several “girlfriends” that he’s defaulted on.

I don’t know what makes a man wake up and decide to scam women but as women we have to be smarter and we can’t be afraid to warn one another about these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

If you encounter DeAnthony Brown, run. He’s no Russell Wilson. Trust me, there is no future with this clown.

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