I know this one may be a touchy subject. After all, who likes their dirty laundry exposed? People should be able to make mistakes privately, redeem themselves and become better people. That process isn’t for the world to see.

But sometimes it should be. Sometimes people don’t want to be redeemed, they just want to be dogs and free to hurt whoever, whenever. It’s too easy to blame women for being stupid, naïve or simply trying to be good women to men who didn’t deserve them.

World, meet Jarvis Deonte Nolan. I believe in telling the good and the bad so we will start with the good. He has awesome penis and he’s super nasty. I’ve been told he eats ass like the last supper. I know a lot of women have officially stopped reading and have gone to search for him on Facebook because…bitches 🙄

But for the rest of us, there’s more. He’s not just a loser, he’s a super loser. Bro lives in Atlanta and doesn’t even own a car. Yes sis, he will be dropping you off in your car and picking you up so that he can have transportation. He’s a real life Jodie. How do we know?

He picked his ex up drunk one day and crashed her whip. He left his phone by her so like any suspecting woman who is dating a loser, she grabbed his phone to see what was up with the alerts. Worst case scenario, he’s cheating with other women.

But this is Atlanta so worst case scenario is him cheating with other men. His phone confirmed worst case scenario. Not only was he on the DL, he was raw-dogging. One trip to the clinic confirmed he not only didn’t care about his life but he also didn’t care about his girl’s life either. Why is it that men on the DL refuse to use condoms? Can someone answer that in the comments? Women wanna know.

Anywho, this is Jarvis. Cute. Great in bed. On the DL.

Maybe Jarvis still needs time to come to terms with his sexuality and this should be a private matter. Women absolutely have a right to know what they are dealing with and if Jarvis is penis peddling infected penis and being super nasty with other men without protection, women should have a way of knowing. You can run a background check on a man all day but nothing will expose you to the truth about what he does when you aren’t around unless begin to have open discussions about these sort of transgressions. What makes social media so beautiful is that every time a woman Googles his name, this will pop up and now she will have a choice in making the decision if this is the type of man she wants to deal with.

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