Where do I begin?

I don’t know what’s worse: giving a man 80K that you just met online on a dating platform or being the man to steal from a woman that trusted you.

John Martin Hill is a scammer, con artist and thief. A woman who only knew him for a week gave him $80,000 towards the purchase of a home for them both after he proposed.

Yes, you read that right. A whole week, 7 days.

I don’t judge anyone for moving at the pace they feel is right for their relationship but how well can you know someone after 7 days? Who says “I love you”, “Will you marry me?” “and here is 80k” all in one week. My period lasts longer than that. I have eggs in my fridge older than their relationship.

I know we shouldn’t victim blame but that right there is a whole dummy. A fool and their money are quickly departed so it’s no wonder she became the perfect victim.

But back to John Martin Hill. This wasn’t his first victim and it won’t be his last. Ladies, beware. He utilizes online platforms, such as Match.com, to scout for victims. He tells women he is a millionaire. Sidebar, what millionaire needs 80K from his woman for a house? Yes, I’m totally judging her level of stupidity. She handed over the check and she never heard from him again. Are you surprised?

Me neither.

This faux millionaire lives in an apartment in Duluth, GA with another woman and child. He drives a 2014 BMW, which has just been painted black. He’s changed his name at least five times and has a criminal history in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey for similar crimes.

Want to get a reward for turning him in? Call 770-513-5300 if you see him or know where he is. He currently has a warrant out for his arrest for theft by deception.

Happy hunting.

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