Vagina must be the most addictive thing on earth. Why else would men jump through hoops to lie and deceive innocent women to get it?

There can’t be a more painful feeling than finding out your fiancé is engaged to another woman, or several different women at the same time. Or maybe it’s more hurtful to discover that your fiancé stole $40k from you in investment money to buy several engagement rings for several different women.

I get it, men lie. Boy will be boys. Women shouldn’t be so gullible. It’s all part of the game, right?


It’s not a game. Too often I hear from men that women have their guard up. Or have too much baggage. So many men complain that women are too distrusting of men and it’s so hard to date women, especially in Atlanta. With men like Jonathan Burke, I wouldn’t trust men either. And I don’t.

There’s nothing unique about Jonathan. Nothing unique about a man who cheats. There is nothing unique about a man who lies about being an attorney. (I checked the State Bar website, Jonathan is no attorney but that doesn’t stop him from pretending to be one)

What Jonathan is, however, is a con artist. A compulsive liar. Slashed tires are the least of his problems. What happens when 6 of the women you date find out about one another and join forces in a group chat? Lies get cross checked and the truth comes out. Imagine being part of this group chat trying to find the truth only to discover that your fiancé is in Jamaica with his brand new fiancé while you are in a group chat with six different fiancés trying to figure out where you went wrong.

I could blame the women. Did they date him long enough? Did they really know the man that they committed to? Did they do their due diligence? It’s so easy to victim blame though. Yes, all of these women should have taken more precautions but that doesn’t absolve Jonathan of his actions. As adults, we know the difference between right and wrong and Jonathan chose to do wrong. It’s unconscionable to steal $40,000 from a woman who loved you then take it and spend it on tricking other women. Who does that?

Dating is hard. There are some great people out there but there are shitty people too. Good people attract a mixed bag of folks so it’s important to protect your heart and body from people who prey. Kudos to these women for finding one another and exposing the truth. Lord knows how many other fiancés are out there.

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