Don’t take this the wrong way but some of you are weird.

How many times does a woman have to ignore you before you get the point? Why do men think they are God’s gift to women? Or they have a right to our attention and our bodies despite all the obvious signs otherwise.

This is Keon. Keon has a girlfriend. And a new baby. This is Keon in someone’s DMs.

This is Keon clearly trying to cheat on his girlfriend. Has she even healed after childbirth yet?

I don’t care what anyone says, sending dick pics is cheating. And it’s also a form of sexual assault.

This is Keon failing to handle rejection.

I know men like to pretend the “Keons” of the world are far and few between but let’s be real, the loudest ones defending Keon are probably just like him.

Women shouldn’t have to be subjected to this level of disrespect for merely existing on Facebook. This is precisely why we ignore DMs and have a general distrust for men.

Seriously, where are all the good men?

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