Lemme ask you a question.

Is is ever okay for a married man to be on a dating platform if he’s married?

Exhibit A:

I don’t know about you but issa no for me. No no no. Hell no. GTFOH no.

Don’t try me.

But you have to be a special type of stupid to not only have a profile picture up with your real name and real IG but also pictures (with tags) that lead directly to your wife. Why are cheating men so sloppy?

Yes, I can read. It clearly says that he’s just looking for a friend. On a dating app. Do I look dumb or stupid? Marcus isn’t looking for a friend, he’s looking for a woman that’s okay with him being married. If he was looking for a threesome, it’s 2019, he could have just included that in his profile.

But he didn’t. Because he’s cheating.

I’m not the moral police. Grown people do what they wanna. He chooses to cheat on his wife and I chose to write about it.

Either way, the question remains. Is it okay for a married person to be on a dating platform looking for friends?

If it is, why open Pandora’s Box? Ain’t enough trust in the world.

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