No, not the rapper.

I laughed though when I noticed he shared the same moniker as the rap legend.

I almost fell out when he told me he worked for Rockefeller Law Group in New York City.

There is no Rockerfeller Law Group in New York City.  I checked.

I was confused when he told me he represented LL Cool J against FUBU in a lawsuit in the early 2000s. We are only 4 years apart, I was a teenager in the early 2000’s which means he was too.

Unless his age is a lie.

That didn’t stop me from reaching out to J. Alexander from FUBU and inquiring.

FUBU doesn’t know this man.

I started to take note when he bragged he was a contract and litigation entertainment and criminal attorney who not only does pro bono work but is also an ambassador to Brazil and Africa and  graduated from both Harvard and Oxford Universities with a dual law degree.

He’s missing his calling as a creative writer.

Call me old fashioned but I never approach men. I’m deathly shy. So I have to wonder what makes a man notice me and attempt to court me when their whole life is a lie.

I blog.

For a living.

Which means I have zero qualms about researching you.

It’s what I do.

Nasr and I actually laughed about my last blog post exposing Claude Thomas, the third shift labor attorney who is really a correctional officer offering his couch to car-less and childless women on Craigslist.

Nasr called him a clown.

For the record, Claude is a clown.

Here’s Claude’s story:

Sis, is this your man?

So Nasr had to know that I would at least Google him before I ever considered anything offline outside of Instagram and text messages.

He started off so sweet. Random video messages.

Text messages like these:

I believe the world isn’t set up for me to be single for the rest of my life but I don’t believe my future husband is sending me a message in my DMs, which is why I never check them.

But Nasr was kind.

It’s nice to have a man say something nice without it feeling like he is trying to f*ck you. So, we became IG friends.

Then all of a sudden, three days ago to be exact, he started calling me bestie and saying he wanted more.

What man calls a woman bestie?

I rummaged through his IG and something wasn’t right.

He called every woman bestie, sis and friend.

Damn” I thought. “Men are talking to women like women now? What part of the game is that?”

I’ve been divorced since last year. Dating has been interesting. I’ve met some great guys who were really nice and we are still friends.

Then, I meet men like Claude and Nasr.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised because people lie but I’ve never met someone whose whole life is a lie.

His food is a lie:

His law firm Azzure Iszar, is a lie:

You can’t even trust LinkedIn anymore:

And these lies run about ten years deep:

By this point, I’m cracking up. This blog post basically wrote itself. I couldn’t make it up if I tried.

I wanted to know why he lied because I’m inquisitive that way.

Everyone I’ve shared this story with has their own theory.

Given the absence of a real name or any real information about him along with the fake hair on his face and head, some think he is trans- creating a life and an identity to make people like and accept him.

Others think he is crazy.

I don’t know what the answer is so I asked him.

His response:

I still don’t have the answers Sway.

There is a bigger conversation here.

This isn’t a gender thing. Men lie. Women lie. Everyone lies.

But what makes Claude and Nasr, and people like them, go to the extreme of fabricating their whole existence?

Dating isn’t hard, it’s impossible.


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