Imagine living with a man for over a year and thinking he’s the love of your life.

Then imagine having a beautiful baby girl with him. Everything is going great, he acknowledged the baby, then boom…he disappears.

World, meet deadbeat daddy Roderick Muriel Coleman.

Not only does he have a beautiful baby girl that he has claimed, he also has a side wife and what appears to be five other children.

How does he do it? How does he live with one woman, develop a relationship (and a baby) all while having a wife and kids too? I don’t know what he does for a living but who has this sort of time?

And what type of man abandons their newborn baby? Talk about low down. Lowest of the low. I wonder what his wife will think when she finds out about his newest bundle of child support? Because those papers are coming sis.

In the good old days, men used to be able to have babies and disappear. Not anymore. It took less than five minutes to pull up his IG, FB, his bankruptcy, evictions, phone number and address. His wife and father weren’t hard to find either.

I guess we could judge the woman who had the baby with him. But I’m not. Men lie so convincingly, why would I fault her for trusting her heart? I won’t. I will write about this no good dog and hope this blog and those child support papers make it to his happy home.

It took less than a minute to figure out his wife filed bankruptcy this year and on those documents is her current address. His wife, Jeanette, has got to know what a dog her man is. In case she doesn’t, she will. Woof.

Anywho, if you also have a baby by him and he disappears and you need enough information to file child support, his full name is Roderick Muriel Coleman. Birthdate is August 7, 1983. He’s a Leo. Don’t expect much. He’s filed bankruptcy, has evictions in his file and with 6 kids (at least) sir is broke.

He also seems to do promotions for a living. Ladies, leave these promoters and truck drivers in Atlanta alone. You will be disappointed every time.

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