I love Amber Rose.

I love how she is unapologetic about her hoeness.

If there is a lesson in modern women’s lib, it’s to “do you”.

This culture that has been created where women mimic predatory behaviors of men who have done them wrong scares me though. I want to punch chicks dead in their mouth when they chant “I’m a savage”.

The savage mentality may get you likes on IG but in real life, there are consequences sis.

I was with my bestie and she told me a story about how she was raped- her words, not mine. Social media was buzzing with the #MeToo hashtag and she wanted to share her story. I was shocked. How could my best friend be raped and I didn’t know.

So she tells me the story.

Her ex from way back is a platonic friend now. He happened to be in the neighborhood one day and asked to come through, as he has done countless times before with no problems. When he arrived, they talked, like they always do.

But this time was different. He told her he had feelings for her and wanted to be back in a relationship. She was honest- she didn’t want that. She said he looked in her eyes and asked if he could give her head, no penetration involved- he just wanted to please her.

So I had to ask some questions. When was the last time ya’ll had sex (a year ago). Are you interested in any sort of relationship? (no) Did he give you head? (of course) Did you cum? (yes) Why did you do it? (She felt like being a savage)

So then what happened?

He wanted to fuck. Yea, he said he just wanted to please her but that was no longer the case as he took his penis out, ready to have sex with a woman he still loved.

This is where the story gets murky.

She had to struggle with him because she said no and he wouldn’t get off her.

More questions.

Did you tell him stop? (Yes) How many times? (The entire time) How long did this last? (About 5 minutes) What did he say? (He kept repeating how much he loved her and wanted to be inside her) What happened when you said stop? (He still tried to put it in her) Did he have on a condom? (No)Were you forcefully telling him no? (Yes) Were you afraid? (She thought she was about to be raped) Did his penis ever go inside you? (kinda)

She described a man that wouldn’t take no for an answer who was between her legs trying to take something from her she didn’t want to give away as he had the fresh scent of her vagina on his breath.

The scenario ended with him getting the point and going home. He called her later and apologized for the misunderstanding.

She asked me if she should press charges. She said she was so shaken up she had a panic attack every time she thought about how she had to fight him off.

I had more questions than answers. I asked her if she thought she was wrong at all. (nope) Did she think she gave mixed signals? (No, he laid the expectation it was oral only) Did she think he deserved jail time? (she wasn’t sure) Did she feel a crime was committed? ( she didn’t know)

The likes of Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj make savage culture cute until there are repercussions. Is it okay to be #savagelife one moment then a damsel in distress the next, soliciting police intervention to protect you from your own bad choices?

But at the same time, no means no.

Was a crime committed? If jail could be his consequence, what about her accountability

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