Hold the press.

Cardi B is up for a Grammy?


The stripper turned rap phenom from the Bronx is on top of the world.

Remy and Nicki could only hope to sniff the success that Cardi B is shitting right now.

And Offset cheated on Cardi? And let that shit get out publicly?

I get it.

If Beyonce can get cheated on, anyone can. Who next, Michelle Obama? Melania Tru…nvm.

The point is, who the fuck is Offset to cheat on anyone?

Before Cardi, I thought Migos was one rapper- the artist formerly known as Quavo, or some shit.

I had no clue who Offset was or who the other guy is that was left off Bad and Bougie.

I’m mad about Offset cheating because I love the fuck out of Cardi B.

She is real. She is – unapologetic, fearless, no non-sense and from my hometown of the Bronx.

I can’t believe she is letting someone’s ashy son play her.

She took Offset back AND bought him a $400k Rolls Royce Wraith.

My abuela would turn in her grave hearing a woman bought a man a new pair of zappatos, let alone a whole dam car.

Truth is, I love a stripper’s mentality and I’m glad to see when one of them makes it. Cardi’s appeal is she used that grind mentality to level up and she kept being herself. It’s tragic when women lose themselves in men who don’t have their best interest at heart.

She dated someone in prison for years. Who didn’t cheer when she moved on? Now she’s engaged to her first public celebrity boyfriend and nothing feels real anymore.

Cocaine isn’t one hell of a drug, fame is.

And Cardi B is selling herself short.

Don’t forget where you came from sis. Don’t forget what made you.

A cheating man will always cheat. Men like him need to get used. Remember sis?

Cardi, level up. Cut a nigga hustle if he get’s comfortable.

And for the record, this isn’t Offset’s sidechick. This is Faith Nketsi. She’s an African beauty with a serious boyfriend.The sidechick hustle ain’t her thing ya’ll. Check your references.

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