There is no such thing as being in a ten year affair against your will.

You are a willing participant.

No one feels sorry for you.

Amber Dixon Brenner is pure comedy. I almost fell out when she said that Salim Akil took her into a bathroom at a private event, slapped her butt then finished and urinated in her mouth.

It made me think of this clip from Boondocks when Riley defended R. Kelly:

This doesn’t sound like sexual assault, it sounds like they were into some kinky stuff. For ten years.

Did I mention Salim Akil and Amber Dixon are both married to other people?

Salim Akil is married to Mara Brock-Akil. If her name sounds familiar, it should. Both Salim and Mara co-created Love Is on OWN and she also created the super popular show Girlfriends.

I am all for women’s lib and holding men accountable. But women have to be accountable too. Amber Dixon Brenner engaged in a ten year affair with someone else’s husband all while being married with two sons herself. Salim Akil didn’t stalk her. There is no record of assault or abuse. This isn’t sexual abuse, the relationship is just over and she sounds bitter over a business understanding with no contract. She even admits that she wasn’t just his side chick, but his girlfriend. As far as I am concerned, she agreed to the terms of his sexuality when she failed to leave. There is no way a man could urinate on me and I stay.

Why does she expect the public to believe she is a victim? It would have been one thing if she sued him for stealing a business idea without blasting their sex life in the media. She discredited herself and her story when she failed to keep the conversation strictly business. Right or wrong, people judge the messenger.

Women like Amber Dixon Brenner give the #MeToo movement a bad name and she discredits real victims everywhere who were brave enough to tell their stories.

Amber alleges that Mara Brock-Akil was aware of the affair. Maybe she was. What happens behind closed doors is no one’s business. It’s not uncommon for couples, especially those who are in the industry, to have an understanding. Fidelity sometimes takes the backseat to finances. Who hasn’t heard that successful marriages are business arrangements?

Right now, Salim Akil’s inability to control his love life has caused a big business catastrophe- his show on OWN has been cancelled. Most concluded that it was cancelled due to allegations of sexual assault. I disagree. Oprah didn’t want to be attached to a story that involved cheating and kinky behavior. It is contrary to her brand.

I always think it is dope when people take their creativity and turn it into something successful. I can’t wait to see the Akil’s next on screen venture. They certainly have a story to tell about side chicks, marriage, business and redemption.

As for Amber Dixon Brenner, there is no respect for side chicks who can’t play their roles. You aren’t part of the #MeToo movement, you are the very reason people discredit the movement and point to women like you.

Go sit in the corner with Monica Lewinsky and cross your knees.

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