I refuse to be quiet on this subject.

Congratulations to Morehouse College. Starting in 2020, trans men will be able to matriculate into the prestigious walls of the illustrious HBCU. In 2019, I expected much more acceptance of the change but the social media discourse around this change at Morehouse has been nothing short of transphobic.

Why don’t they let girls in now too? Because they are a men’s college.

Morehouse is pushing the gay agenda. What’s “the gay agenda” anyway? Morehouse is pushing acceptance.

They are trying to force our black men to be gay. No one is forcing them and just because you are trans doesn’t mean you are gay.

The conversation around accepting trans men at Morehouse and Trans women at Spelman reminds me of integration efforts in the 60’s. I know we don’t like to draw a parallel between Civil Rights and Gay Rights but a bigot is a bigot whether you are excluding people based on their skin color or sex characteristics.

HBCUs were created as a safe space for black students at a time when predominantly white institutions shunned us. Even if they did let us in, blacks were still treated inferior and were often in harm’s way at institutions that weren’t for us and couldn’t protect us. These safe havens were created for black people by black people. In a world where you can still be harmed for being gay, why wouldn’t the safe haven of a HBCU be for the black trans community too?

As black people, we take pride in being non-monolithic. Race and sex are spectrums and the trans communities exist on these spectrums and create an intersectionality that we are having a hard time grasping as a community. The gay community will continue to fight for equal rights and eventually the black community as a whole will have to accept it, the same way the white community had to accept us.

What are we scared of by accepting the trans community into the AUC (Atlanta University Center- and when will Clark Atlanta jump on board?)? What are we afraid of these students learning, outside of tolerance and acceptance? You do know being trans isn’t contagious right?

I didn’t realize this change would cause so much commotion but I’m glad it did. The black trans community are human beings that we can’t cast into tunnels as though they don’t exist. I am glad they are gaining visibility and equal rights . After all, isn’t this the Christian thing to do, Saints?

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