There used to be honor in keeping your legs closed to married men.

Not anymore. It’s 2018 and this is the year of the side chick.

2019 will be the year of the side chick too. Side chicks won all 2017. And 2016.


I can’t be the only one tired of the TI and Tiny drama. How many times can one woman file for divorce? Tiny proves you can give a man love, commitment, threesomes and babies and he will still cheat.

It’s exhausting to watch the media tear TI apart every time Tiny files for divorce. Everyone roots for the victim but Tiny is no longer a victim, she’s a willing participant. A wraith and an apology is all it takes to make Tiny feel secure in her title as wife.

What’s in a title anyway?

In the latest side chick drama, Snoop has found himself in the news for his affair with known industry bustdown Celina Powell. Snoop has been with his wife Shante Broadus for 21 years and they are often cited as an example of longevity in black love and marriage. Shante has fought the good fight and stood by her man for 21 years and she’s still getting cheated on. Publicly. With a woman who sees more penis than urinals.

I give major side eye every time someone mentions these women fighting for their love and relationship. There is honor in being a wife and apparently there is honor in being a side chick too. Tiny got a new car from TI? Bernice Burgos did too.

There’s levels to this. It used to be girlfriend, fiancé, wife, with wife being the coveted title that women strived for. Now, there’s a new level, side chick. Side chicks get money, jewelry, cars, vacations, and babies too. The best part about being a side chick? You don’t get cheated on. He doesn’t want to leave his wife? Cool. It’s not about the relationship, it’s about the lifestyle. At least side chicks are realistic. Besides, who wants to marry a known cheater and get disrespected like that?

I’m not saying being a side chick is okay. Actually, maybe I am. What grown women decide to do with their vaginas is between them and the married men they bed. If Snoop hasn’t stopped cheating after 21 years of marriage, he never will. Is his wife a fool for staying? No. She built a life and family with that man and she wants to reap the benefits of marriage. And she does. On Snoop’s terms. She stays, that’s her problem. She’s grown.

With the divorce rate over 50%, maybe people should rethink this “forsake all others” thing because it doesn’t seem to be working. TI seems to be living his best life and it isn’t because he is at home happily married. When will people realize marriage isn’t what it used to be so it is time to start redefining marriage the way side chicks have redefined relationships. The only difference between Tiny and Bernice Burgos is Bernice doesn’t kid herself or sell herself short for a title.

Side chicks ain’t going no where. Somebody’s husband likes them too much.






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