Cue the tiniest violin ever.

Brandi Maxiell’s husband, Jason Maxiell, cheated on her. Again. And again. And again.

We like you Brandi, you have a great story.

We cried with you through cancer recovery. We were angry the first time we knew about him cheating on you. We were rooting for you.

Now, we are tired of your whining. If you aren’t going to leave that man, let him cheat in peace.

This is insanity. You continue to stay with a man who gives zero fucks about his vows and expect him to one day suddenly realize he has a wife and kids like he doesn’t already know.

The problem is no longer him, it’s you.

You are not a doormat. Marriage is not a revolving door. You accept his behavior every time you take him back.

Stop embarrassing yourself on social media dragging him for cheating. There are only two things we know about your husband. He plays basketball and he cheats. At this point, water is wet sis.

He’s not making you look like a fool, you are.

Stay. Leave. Do one or the other but stop doing both.

The media is neither your therapist nor a divorce lawyer.

Leave him. We are still rooting for you in 2018.

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