Seriously, he doesn’t. WTF are you boycotting Home Depot for?

Bernie Marcus doesn’t seem to care that Home Depot’s Customer Care department gets inundated with “We are boycotting Home Depot because Bernie loves Trump” calls and emails all day long. The PR policy remains the same year after year though.

Bernie don’t work here no more.

Bernie hasn’t led Home Depot in almost two decades. He resigned from the Board of Directors in 2002. He has nothing to do with Home Depot but over 500,000 people do and those are the employees that work there that wish people would stop boycotting Home Depot. These people have families and lives and don’t care what Bernie says or does. They just want to MIP and collect their 2.5% in peace.

These folks work hard. The stores are usually open during natural disasters to be available to the community, they do a ton with veterans, donate to the elderly and disabled, education…seriously, the list goes on.

You know who they don’t donate to? Political organizations. Home Depot is a non-partisan organization that respects the political affiliations of everyone by not siding with either. I recall a really popular chicken chain that makes it clear they don’t like gay people and people only boycott them on Sundays. Are we really surprised Bernie is a Trump supporter? I can’t put my finger on it but something about that doesn’t surprise me.

Boycotting Home Depot doesn’t hurt Bernie. You really want to hurt his pockets? Boycott the Falcons, they’re trash anyway.

Then boycott Atlanta United (soccer) and the GA Aquarium. Maybe then Bernie will learn that business and politics don’t mix.

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