50 Cent has to be the most efficient bill collector that ever collected.

Only this black multimillionaire bully can publicly press a white man for money and not only NOT get arrested, but get a whole ass apology too. That’s power. (Ha, see what I did there?)

In case you missed it, 50 cent has made recent headlines by publicly shaming other millionaires into running back his coins. Don’t think you can owe 50 Cent money and live your best social media life. 50 is watching. He sees you and he will embarrass you.

Don’t believe me?

Biz Markie used food stamps to settle his debt with 50.

A homeless man was sent to harass Young Buck, as 50 recorded, about money owed to 50.

50 just aired Bow Wow out for taking his money that was meant for strippers and leaving the club with it. 50 said he wants all that back.

50 even trolls his own business associates. After Rotimi, who’s also on Power, charted on Billboard, 50 publicly announced he wanted his $300K back As if that wasn’t petty enough, 50 even went after Randall Emmett, Power producer, for one million dollars. And both of them actually paid. Emmett gave the most emasculating apology ever.

50 may be a bully but he’s on to something. We need to use this King to our advantage. If you can publicly intimidate a rich white man into paying you and giving you a public apology, 50 might be just what black people need to finally get reparations.

Sheila Jackson Lee, Danny Glover, Barack Obama, and Shaun King are dope but none of them are getting the job done. Ain’t no one scared of any of them. No one is listening either. Native Americans. the Jewish community, and Japanese Americans have all received reparations from the USA. Why not black people? This country was clearly built on the backs of our ancestors and the US has already set precedent by providing reparations to other marginalized groups. Why does everyone get reparations but us?

Clearly the leaders we follow and the people in charge can’t get the job done. But 50? I think he can do it, or at least bring attention to the cause and start conversation.

It’s worth a shot. #taghim

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