Nicki Minaj and the Barbz’ petty level are about to be on a trillion.

In case you missed it, Cardi B and Offset are officially done.

Who is surprised though? So far we are light on details into their recent split but we all have eyes and common sense.

Maybe Offset was jealous of Cardi. It takes a special man to have a wife that’s more successful than you. Maybe Cardi was fun before marriage and the baby. Both marriage and kids have a way of making a woman mature faster.

Maybe Cardi was cheating. After all, she is Cardi B. Offset might be rich and famous in hip hop but Cardi is international and steadily climbing to the top. Cardi has access to men that Offset can’t hold a flame to in terms of money and success. And I’m sure he knows it.

But money isn’t everything. All the money in the world and these two still weren’t happy.

What we do know is Offset cheated, constantly. Cardi, who is at the prime of her career is tangled up in a legal court case because she felt disrespected by women who allegedly slept with her man. Her husband, no matter how much he may help her with her rap career, disrespects her publicly. Instead of providing emotional stability, he has her in the streets fighting, looking emotionally unstable and classless. Sis should have never married him. She should have asked for Cici’s prayer and got her a Russell Wilson.

It seems like Offset saw something in Cardi early and he was right. Maybe when Offset was the bigger celebrity, she was willing to deal with his shit but now that she can stand on her own two feet, she is over it.

There is a lesson here for all of us. Money ain’t everything. Everyone should enter into relationships with very strong understandings about what they expect from their partners outside of finances. You can’t just fall in love with someone and make a life with them based on feelings. When the love fades and you are left to deal with the pain of their character, remember you chose them. Red flags and all.

Next time, choose better.

Or maybe one of them has an album coming out and this is a well planned press run.

Either way, stay tuned.


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