The past can really come back to haunt you, especially if you are a celebrity.

In the latest “Me Too: He Said, She Said…DNA said” Charlamagne has found himself in the midst of rape allegations from 2001.

Alleged victim Jessica Reid was 15 at the time of the ordeal, Charlamagne was 22. He threw a party and invited her. Jessica Reid was at the party and was drinking and smoking. She alleges that she had sex and woke up in a stupor with Charlamagne on top of her, giving her oral. She pressed charges.

Charlamagne submitted to DNA sampling and there wasn’t evidence to substantiate her claim. She wouldn’t cooperate and with the lack of evidence, the case was reduced to contributing to the delinquency of a minor since he provided the alcohol. Case closed.

Fast forward to 2018, she wants the case reopened. It’s been 17 years, why now? With the Me Too Movement came a lot of women with powerful testimonies about rape culture in an industry that has swept female bodies under the rug while protecting toxic male behavior. With the movement also came a lot of women looking for a come up and a bag.

I’m not saying she is lying. One has to wonder why a 15 year old girl is at a party with liquor and marijuana getting lit to the point of passing out. Where were her parents? Why wait 17 years to try to reopen a case? She alleges that Charlamagne had oral sex with her. Why did the rape kit show otherwise?

These rape accusations spurred from the Me Too Movement are dangerous. We can’t be so quick to believe everything we hear without proof. How many men have had their lives ruined because a woman lied on them?

What would Emmett Till’s life had been like if she didn’t lie? Brian Banks spent five years in prison only to have the woman who accused him of rape finally admitting he didn’t. He was supposed to go to the NFL. Alphonso Baity. SF 49s Reuben Foster. Oklahoma Running Back Rodney Anderson. Giant’s Defensive Lineman Jay Bromley. Eagles Safety Nate Allen. Tupac.

All of these men were accused of sexual misconduct and had their lives either ruined or severely altered because the women around them lied. If we delved into college sports, the number of young athletes who are accused of sexual misconduct and forced to give up their sport’s dreams is staggering. It’s far and few in between that these women are then charged with filing a false report, which pales in comparison to rape charges. There should be a felony for trying to ruin someone’s life.

There is a long history in this country of women falsely accusing men of sexual misconduct. It’s never okay to blame the victim but it’s also not okay to create victims out of men when there’s no proof. We have to learn to protect not only our daughters, but our sons too.

Is Charlamagne a rapist? According to the evidence, no. I refuse to crucify this man when DNA evidence supported that he didn’t have sex with her.

Will The Breakfast Club remove Charlamagne from the show? Nah, ratings too high.


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