Who wants to hear a funny story?

Anyone who knows me knows that this last year has been a tumultuous one. Divorce has literally rocked me. I’ve learned all sorts of life lessons about marriage, dating, money, and growth.

One thing I’ve learned since my divorce is to stop letting people walk over me. When something doesn’t feel right, I say something and hold people accountable for how they treat me. I couldn’t care less about confrontation. Since I’ve made this change, my circle is tighter than ever and my life is largely drama free.

Divorce has been rough. I thought that the drama would end the day the judge signed off on the paperwork. I was wrong. Apparently, it’s just starting.

I’ll spare you the details regarding why my ex and I are in court. Most people would think my ex would dot all of his “i”s and cross all his “t”s when dealing with me but nope, he’s every bit as intelligent as the day I divorced him.

This case is easy enough, so I represented myself. Imagine my shock when my ex-husband rolled in court with an attorney. Note to self, he can’t commit to his child support obligation but somehow he found the money for an attorney.

His attorney had on a bow-tie. Don’t ask me why this bugged me but it did. I don’t trust a grown man in a bow tie. So I looked him up.

Ya’ll, the rest of this blog post writes itself.

My ex-husband, God bless his heart, walks into family court with this guy:

Yes, the picture on the right is a mugshot. Of his lawyer. Who is out on bond. For Bill Cosbying his own employee. According to various news articles, the police suspect there are more victims.

The AJC has video:


Here are some of his reviews:

He has positive reviews from other sites but I am not convinced that he didn’t write those himself.

Am I mad my ex lawyered up? No. When you don’t live right, you gotta do what you gotta do. Karma made it so he literally has the worst representation ever. As crooks do, his lawyer has given him all types of advice on how to evade the courts and do everything but own up to his responsibility.

No worries. I now have an attorney too and my Spelman sister will make sure this issue is brought to resolution.

I haven’t told my ex about his attorney yet. I wonder if he reads my blog, lol.

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