Cici, if no one in your circle has told you, I will.

Let it go sis.

You can’t make a man be a father. You can’t make him show up and show out in the name of fatherhood.

You can’t make him stop dropping your son off at Grandma’s.

You can’t make Future stop missing scheduled visits.

You can’t make Future do what you want. He’s famous too. And rich. He does drugs and makes trap music. Who did you think you were having a baby with? Russell Wilson?

Speaking of Russell Wilson, you have him in real life.

Women everywhere have no clue what the “Russell Wilson Prayer” says but unanimously know they want it.

Ciara, why are you giving any energy to Future?

Stop going to court to try to make that man act right. If it isn’t in his heart to be a dad, let it go. Or is it that he isn’t being the dad that you expect? How much do you really expect from Future? Doesn’t he have two more babies on the way?

Cici, focus less on trying to make Future act right and spend more time working on an album. Or something.  

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