Stop being professional victims.

Stop being on the wrong side of history, every time.

During slavery, your men raped us while you watched and said nothing.

During Reconstruction, your lies obliterated cities like Rosewood and killed our sons, daughters, husbands, siblings and parents.

White vagina was the cause of lynching in the South.

While black people were fighting for equal rights, too many of you sat by idly in support of our destruction.

Yet, black women forgave you in the name of feminism.

Hillary Clinton bragged about breaking the glass ceiling but her policies left black families buried in shattered glass as she called our children super predators and supported her husband in a crime bill that ruined black families.

It’s no surprise that 63% of white women in Alabama supported Moore.

After Trump’s election, one thing was clear. White women are invested in maintaining the status quo because it benefits them.

Black women have the highest level of college enrollment across both genders and every racial group yet we earn 64 cents on the dollar for every 77 cents a white woman earns and white women couldn’t care less. They march for everything under the sun except equal pay for black women.

White women have proven that they would back a child predator and a president who grabs women by the pussy over literally anyone else who believes in leveling the playing field for people who don’t look like them.

White women have always excused white men’s sexism and racism because they have been taught by the women before them to tolerate obnoxious men who maintain a status quo in a society built by them that remains for them.

When Anita Hill cried rape, the feminist movement was notably absent yet the recent cries of sexual misconduct in Hollywood are heard loud and clear because most of the women who have accused wealthy men of foul play are white.

America has a long history of protecting white women’s sexuality, at all costs and the chickens have come home to roost. I’m sure some white women are deeply affected by the trauma of unwanted sexual experiences but the elephant in the room is there is an economic driver pushing this narrative as well. Most of the men who are accused of sexual misconduct are white and most of the accusers are white women.

This is America. Race and money are king.

White men will pay financially for moral indiscretions against women they have historically protected. History has created a monster. White men are now lynched in court rooms and forced to write checks to the demons they have created. They are also lynched in the court of public opinion and the media for crimes they may, or may not have committed.

Meanwhile, as a whole, black women are in the background moving and shaking to break the concrete wall so we can reach the same glass ceiling our white counterparts complain about.

Black women have proven time and time again to be the moral compass of this country.

Oh, and shout out to the 93% of black men in Alabama who voted alongside with the 98% of black women to keep Moore out of office.

Black people have proven, without a doubt, we should run things because we get shit done.

By any means necessary.

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