Everyone makes mistakes.

What sets a real one apart from the others is their ability to man up and own their actions. Right?

When Paris Jackson checked herself into a mental rehabilitation facility, it was obvious bad news was on the horizon. There must be some amount of pressure having a father who is the biggest pop star in the world. Unsubstantiated pedophilia and child rape charges don’t help.

How many times are we going to allow Michael Jackson accusers to sully his name with absolutely no proof? It’s one thing to have HBO release Leaving Neverland. They are a huge media conglomerate more concerned about sensationalism and their bottom line. It’s no surprise that the documentary has since been proven false and removed from the Network. It was a cheap effort to minimize the greatest entertainer ever, and it didn’t work.

We expect more from Oprah than we do HBO. Does Oprah have a responsibility to protect her own? It’s not like Michael was a stranger to her. In fact, they were friends when he was alive. She invited Michael and his family into her home. The Jacksons have sat on her couch both in her home and on stage on her show. She was clearly a fan of Michael. What changed? With absolutely no proof of the most recent child sexual abuse allegations, why would Oprah go out of her way to give his accusers a platform on her network which reaches millions?

Once it was discovered those men were lying, Oprah quietly removed the content from her platform. Clearly word reached her that the salacious story was false. But why no apology? Doesn’t she have a responsibility to use the same platform she used to slander Michael Jackson to apologize and publicly acknowledge it was lies that were spread? Where is the journalistic integrity that we have come to expect from her? Furthermore, where was her loyalty to Michael? The same respect that she gave Michael in life should be the same way she honors him in death. After all, nothing has changed.

Once again we see loyalty means nothing in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately for Michael’s family and especially his kids, this is so much more than entertainment, it’s their lives. Oprah is major. When she speaks, everyone listens. She past due for an apology that the world will probably never hear. Oprah holds everyone else accountable for their actions. Is Oprah beyond reproach?

If Oprah truly seeks to be a truth teller and be an advocate for sexual abuse victims, how come she hasn’t been more vocal about her friend Harvey Weinstein? How come she hasn’t interviewed his accusers who have actual proof of their sexual assault? Why isn’t she talking about that?

It’s weak to attack a dead man. Everyone expected so much more from Oprah and her silence regarding the most recent lies against Michael Jackson has been deafening.

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