You and bae have broken up at least twice in the last year

Marriage is about forever. If you are off to a rocky start, maybe you should invest in pre-marital counseling instead of a wedding. “I do” is forever and if you can’t get it right before the wedding, your foundation is weak and your marriage is doomed. If he’s recently cheated or you argue about finances, maybe a walk down the aisle isn’t the best investment of time and money for you, or me.

Your wedding is during a weekday

I get it, Tuesday weddings are a great deal to say “I do” but most of us work during the week. Securing flights, hotels and childcare cost a premium so that we can enjoy your special day with you. We get that weekday weddings are a great deal but consider your guests. Please don’t be offended if some of your guests decline because they can’t accommodate your wedding itinerary around their lives. Cheaper isn’t always better for your guests. Consider weekend weddings an investment.

This is a rebound marriage

Rebound relationships don’t work. It’s even worse when you marry the rebound. Do you know his favorite color? Does she accept your kids? There is no rush to run down the aisle because marriage #1, or #2, failed. We get it, you don’t want people to think your last relationship failure was your fault. There is nothing wrong with taking a step back, being single and finding yourself. Some relationships work, some fail. Don’t be in such a rush to start over committing forever to someone new to prove a point.

It is during my wedding anniversary

I post the same update on Facebook every year. My marriage anniversary is no secret. I will not spend my wedding anniversary celebrating your marriage. Chances are I will be dropping the kids off with my in-laws, flying someplace tropical and sipping on something alcoholic not thinking about anyone but me and my significant other. Your wedding anniversary will be special to you but never expect me to sacrifice my special day for yours. I will still send a present.

You are my ex

I am happy we aren’t bitter about our break up and you have moved on to your life partner. In the grand scheme of things, I am happy I escaped a lifetime of forever with you and they are trapped with you instead. I refuse to spend any money watching you say “I do” to someone I am glad replaced me. I am happy for you guys and wish you forever but I won’t be in attendance. I will be celebrating at a day party in Atlanta with my best friends over brunch with mimosas, gossiping about “How I dodged that bullet”. Thanks for the invite, but no thanks.

This is your third marriage

I feel the same way about baby showers and kid’s birthdays. I will go to the first two but after that, it starts to feel like something I need to budget for as part of my yearly expenses, and that’s not okay. We all love to celebrate love and new beginnings but after a while, maybe your focus should be on the marriage and not the wedding. #NoOffense

We aren’t close friends

We are co-workers and I don’t see you outside of work. We went to college together and I haven’t seen you since graduation. Weddings are an investment for the wedding party and its guests. Why should I spend money on clothes, transportation, and gifts if the last memory I have of you was a drunken night junior year in college that ended at a Taco Bell where neither of us can quite remember the details? Or I watched you date half the department at work until you found someone to propose? I get it, the more people you invite the more gifts you get. Thanks for the wedding invitation but #Idecline.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. This is merely a starter list of the things that should make you decline an invitation.

What are some others things that would make you decline a wedding invitation? Sound off below.

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