First of all, Derek Jackson can go to hell, respectfully.

He is to relationship advice what Bishop Eddie Long was to little boys.

Derek made every black man in America angry talking big mess in tiny shirts out of the front seat of his car.

Too many women are so desperate for the appearance of marriage without committing to the work, and person, behind it that they took his word for gospel and worshipped false words from a man who doesn’t know his own truth. Derek’s wife isn’t committed to Derek, she’s committed to the appearance of Derek and what he brings to a table she has no seat at.

In the world of social media, there’s no way any self-respecting woman would ever voluntarily appear with her husband on Facebook Live with a bonnet and no stylist as he admits to cheating. If Beyonce, Cardi and Vanessa Bryant taught us anything, it’s that when you get on camera to support your husband’s trash behavior, come through with the looks since you’re already lost in your own disrespect and graveyard of dead emotions.

The problem isn’t Derek’s wife though. Or her hair bonnet. Or the fact that she dresses like a deacon.

The problem is Derek.

He’s built a career demanding that women respect themselves and leave their men all while cheating on and disrespecting his own wife and marriage. Any man that cheats in the bed he shares with his wife is native to trash behavior and the demoralization of the woman he committed to.

It’s not that Derek doesn’t give great advice, he’s a trash vessel.

It was painful to witness his wife breakdown on her own social media as she detailed that her husband slept with multiple women, including her friends. How mentally broken do you have to be to stay with a man whose betrayal runs that deep? There’s no amount of commitment or love that should make a woman stay through that. There is no God in this.

Let’s pray that Derek’s wife, and women in similar situations, find the courage to leave the men who abuse them. May the only time they look back is to see how far they’ve come.

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