Time out.

Let’s have a meeting.

Anyone else listen to Eminem’s latest freestyle? The 11 minute “Kick Off” is Eminem’s latest attempt to stay relevant by dropping an 11 minute track without really saying anything at all.

Don’t get me wrong, no one ever disputes Em’s wordplay. In a reference to Ariana Grande, he raps “…and as the audience from the dam concert is leaving, detonates the device strapped to his abdominal region…I’m not gonna finish that for obvious reasons.”

Nice wordplay but I can never get those eleven minutes back.

Whenever Eminem drops something, he’s going to talk about killing his mom, drugs, and the latest white pop star. With references to not only Ariana Grande but also Justin Beiber, Eminem has proved he’s yet to grow as an artist.

Maybe it’s the drugs. Maybe his mind never developed past the stage where he first became a drug addict. He’s almost fifty years old talking about the same stuff he was talking about when he came out. I thought it was weird then but with all the awards and top ten mentions, I figured maybe I just had a different opinion.

But nope. I was right. We used to always debate if Eminem was solid or a caricature of our culture created by the music industry to make money off of hip hop. Eminem is nothing more than a Machine Gunn Kelly without the Dre co-sign. Growing up poor and white is not enough to claim black culture. We’ve got to stop giving everyone a seat at the table.

You can’t tell me you put Eminem in the same top ten you put Jay-Z. You can’t tell me in 2018, you still listen to Nas albums and put Eminem in the same top ten as Nasir Escobar. Hip Hop has produced legendary wordsmiths that you would look over for your top ten. Fabolous, Luda, Busta, Jadakiss, Styles, Tunchi. Drake. Outkast. Biggie. Tupac. Rakim. Kendrick. Big Sean. J Cole. Kanye. Ice Cube. DMX. Childish Gambino. Love wordplay so much? Go watch Wildin Out and ask Conceited to cut the beat.

It’s time to revamp our top ten. There’s too much talent out there from us to just be giving someone a spot they didn’t earn.

It’s time to admit we solidified Eminem as a legend in our culture without him proving his worth. There’s no way you can look back at his career and say he deserves to be there. I don’t care about awards. We didn’t give those to him, the music industry did. Their awards isn’t the same measuring stick we use to measure who is top ten in our culture. If you mention Eminem in your top ten then you better mention Diddy. Diddy has done more for black culture than Eminem ever has. Fifty years from now Diddy will still be part of the conversation. Eminem has been allowed to be mediocre for too long while black artists have had to work twice as hard to earn half the recognition as him.

Black people, stop inviting everybody to the barbeque. Not everyone deserves a seat at the table. Eminem should call his next album rehab and stop rapping. You’ve made your millions off our culture.

Go away.

By the way, did ya’ll hear Jay’s verse on “What’s Free”? In case you missed it, it’s track 5 on Meek’s latest music release “Championships.” Hov went off. When he said “We started without food in our mouth/They gave  us pork intestines/Shit you discarded we ingested, we made the project a wave.”

I really felt that.

We made hip hop a wave too.

We can’t keep putting this drug abuser with mommy issues in the same conversation as Jay-Z.

There’s no more seats at the table.

Time to re-evaluate our top ten and make our icons a representation of those who really love and embody hip hop.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand down and put both of those fingers on each hand down?

We’re not amused anymore. We’re woke now.

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