Boxes are the new thing in America.

Did you hear that Donald Trump proposed sending boxes of food to food stamp recipients in the United States in lieu of food stamps? So it’s no surprise that a box equally as unfulfilling has been sent to FL on behalf of America.

Thoughts and prayers are all America has to offer after yet another mass school shooting where innocent children were murdered.

At this point, we know the drill:

Send thoughts and prayers. Argue over the semantics of automatic and assault rifles. If the shooter was brown, label him a terrorist or thug. If the shooter was white, label him mentally ill and blame his childhood. Congress cowers as the NRA suddenly increases donations. Congress tells Americans it’s the wrong time to politicize or discuss gun politics. Repeat.

The biggest threat to America isn’t ISIS, Mexicans, black thugs or the 2018 flu season, it’s the NRA. The NRA is the biggest thug in America, the biggest groups of stick up kids shooting the outdated second amendment down the throat of Congress with a note saying “I wish you would.”

Republicans still refuse to engage a debate on gun violence solutions. Trump addressed the nation and never mentioned “gun” or “firearm”. Florida Senator Marco Rubio insists that it’s too soon to debate whether tighter gun laws could have stopped what happened in Florida. Days before the massacre, Trump quietly signed legislation that made it easier for mentally ill people to purchase guns, rolling back yet another Obama signature legislative solution on gun control.

The Florida shooting massacre was the 18th school shooting in 2018, and the 273rd  since 20 innocent first-graders and six adults were savagely murdered at Sandy Hook. After the Sandy Hook shooting, Rubio said there would be “plenty of time for gun policy debate later.” Sandy Hook happened in 2012. In 2018, the NRA is still the most powerful lobbyist in the US and there has been no meaningful conversations on how to protect Americans from these sorts of attacks.

This isn’t a Republican issue as much as it isn’t a Democratic issue. The NRA owns both sides of Congress. It’s no wonder America isn’t number one in anything excepting gun violence and mass incarceration. We need to throw the whole Congress away.

Maybe Chris Rock should run for president.  At least he has a message and a solution. Suddenly, his proposed bullet control idea doesn’t sound half bad. It is, after all, the only idea on the table.

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