Imagine having a whole wife.

Cheat on her. Leave for a side chick.

Then find out the side chick has been cheating on you the whole time with Nas?

This month’s donkey award goes to DJ Nabs. If you don’t live in Atlanta and have no clue who he is, it’s okay…neither did I. Dj Nabs and his wife are pictured on the left.

Side chick turned wifey Jessica Santos:

DJ Nabs is a famous DJ from Atlanta. He was married to Audra Williams. There’s nothing notable to mention about either except the size of the balls on DJ Nabs.

Clearly DJ Nabs is heartbroken because he has stepped forward to publicly apologize to his ex wife for leaving her for a side chick.

On May 19th, 2018 after my performance in Atlanta with the Youngbloodz, my girlfriend didn’t come home one night. After confronting her and getting the silent treatment, I discovered on my own, texts and emails, that [proved] she had a sexual relationship. [I thought] it was…acting out of insecurity and just accepted Nas was a friend of her’s…She was sleeping with Nas during our relationship.”

Can you imagine being the ex wife and waking up to the news of this fuckery? Not only did he dispose of his wife in the trash bin for a younger more beautiful woman with nothing to offer besides expensive sex, he had the audacity to follow it up with a public apology letting the world know not only is he pussy whipped but he’s also one of the most unloyal men ever. He should have kept the apology. We get why he did it but the only reason he is sorry is because he got played like a game of monopoly and his side chick was the banker.

I want more women to experience the type of love that doesn’t involve suffering first and being glorified later.

Of course he realizes the error of his ways now but where was that energy before he signed off on those divorce papers for vagina that belonged to Nas?

I hope his ex-wife is somewhere sipping on the finest champagne and cashing alimony checks while giggling at his misery. There are better men out there sis. Don’t go back to a man that didn’t choose you. You deserve better.

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