Kanye West said his bipolar disorder is his super-power.

If mental illness can be a superpower, rap’s bad girl Azealia Banks is using her powers for everything bad.

I’m not saying Azealia has mental illness but if it walks like a duck…

Anyone else confused? Who gets mad at Nick Cannon? Nick isn’t a gangsta rapper. You never see him in the media disrespecting women or promoting toxic lifestyles to our kids. He isn’t a poison to the community. All Nick wants to do is date pretty girls, make money, graduate from Howard, and take care of his kids. Who starts a beef with Nick Cannon? Beefing with Nick Cannon is like hating on the Easter Bunny, she gets no cool points for that.

Even if Azealia Banks felt the need to battle with Nick, there is still a right and wrong way to do things. If Azealia Banks wants to be taken seriously as a rapper, why doesn’t she try rapping? She could have easily spit a hot 16 coming for Nick. The content writes itself. She could talk about Mariah, his rap career, his cheesy do-gooder Nickelodeon image…anything.

But she attacks his health? The older we get the more we learn to value life. We have all experienced loss in our lives- parents, grandparents, friends, children, etc. Once you have experienced loss, you know that wishing death on someone is no laughing matter. Nick has three beautiful kids to live for, not to mention a myriad of fans and friends who would mourn him if he died. What was the point in attacking his health?

Then sis came for Wendy. We can say a lot about Wendy’s alleged coke habit, terrible plastic surgery and the fact that she’s a known industry bustdown but wishing death on Wendy was over the line. Wendy has been on air for the better part of two decades and as foul as her mouth can be, even Wendy has never wished death on anyone.

It’s not funny. It’s classless. It’s crass.

I can’t figure out why Anna Wintour has expanded Azealia Bank’s brand by working with her or why people continue to give her chances. She’s talented, but not talented enough to put up with the bullshit that comes with her.

Azealia Banks doesn’t need a record deal, she needs a straitjacket and a cross.

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