Love is in the air.

Cardi and Offset.

Keyshia and Gucci.

Teyana and Iman.

Yonce and Jay.

Diddy and Cassie.          

Kanye and K…nevermind…

The present representations of black love in the media are everything right now and I live for every moment. Relationships are hard. Being human means you fall short sometimes. Can you imagine falling short in a world of blogs and internet trolls?

I’d hate to be Jay-Z. With all his accolades, he has become the guy who cheated on Beyonce. Poor Cardi can’t catch a break. She’s not the only woman who has stuck by a cheating man in the name of love. People love Cardi because she is human but hate her every time she follows her heart. Gucci sane AF now but can you imagine being Keyshia trying to put all his pieces together again?

Diddy and Oprah prove marriage ain’t for everybody. There’s so much pressure to get married and not enough conversations about what it takes to have healthy relationships.

In this crazy world of social media and instant gratification, it’s easy to get lost in the idea of love without understanding the work that goes into it. Gucci and Keyshia’s wedding was beautiful but how many women could support and uplift their man the way she did? She spent a lot of Gucci-less nights while he was in prison.

Cardi and Offset are a modern day love story. I see way too many articles focusing on how many kids he has and how ratchet and uneducated she is. But why though? He’s a dope dad and she’s a dope human being. Who doesn’t love watching their story?

All of them are authentic representations of black love. Is it perfect? No. But love ain’t easy.

These sort of relationships are also important. Since they are publicized, they become the representations people look to in the media for black love. It’s important that Jay Z apologized to his wife for cheating. It was the teachable moment heard around the world.

It’s important for black men to see Gucci transition from ice cream cone tatted on his face Gucci to becoming a married man, honoring his wife. Love is a process that can change people.

Not everyone can be the Obamas, we aren’t that perfect. I love logging on and seeing people who are as big of a mess as me still getting love right.

Diverse representations of black love matter. Not everyone strives to be the Cosby’s.

For better or worse sounds cute but it tastes better when you fall in love with the person who can weather storms and have your back. Relationships are hard but nothing worth fighting for comes easy.


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