Before I get to Cube, let’s dedicate a moment to Kylie Jenner.

Becoming a self made billionaire.

There are descendants of slaves in this country, like Oprah, who have obliterated barriers that have been placed there generationally. Meanwhile Kylie started at the finish line and you guys are setting up GoFundMe pages so she can finish the race and you are still calling this gentrified Blac Chyna a self-made billionaire? #ItBeYourOwnPeople

But for real though,  let’s talk about this Big 3. I am EXCITED. You can’t tell me you are not excited to see some legends still playing on the court. I would KILL KILL KILL to see Allen Iverson cross over Meta World Peace. Will Kobe play? What if Jordan coached for a season? Or Barkley?

Did the release of Black Panther not teach us anything? Black dollars are lit. What if more black people tuned in to the Big 3 than the actual NBA? Or even just a 1/3 of it? What if black NFL players who are disgusted with the league retired early and showed their athleticism in basketball instead? Who wouldn’t want to see Kaepernick play just as a giant middle finger to the entire NFL? I also hear he has some skills on the court.

Ice Cube is the man at making political statements. The one thing you can always say about Cube is he has always kept it real while becoming one of the most influential business moguls of all time. To go from NWA to owning your own league with A list players who still got it in them is one of the most genius ideas of all time AND the money is circulated to build wealth in our community.

Maybe half time performances can start looking like Cardi B and Jeezy concerts? Could this be another avenue for Tidal?

Someone give this man a Nobel Peace Prize, for helping us regain control of our Kulture.

The idea is genius and his execution is real. I can’t wait to tune in to real basketball. Who wants to see Golden State win another ring anyway?

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