I can’t be the only one.

I’ve given Kirk major side eye for the last three years for publicly humiliating his wife on reality TV. Not only did he cheat but he has a whole “outside baby” as a constant reminder of his extramarital affairs.

At first, I was hurt for Rasheeda. As a wife, mom, and woman, I understand what it feels like to be cheated on, betrayed, and hurt. After awhile I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t leave. Then I gave up wondering and figured this was scripted for television. That storyline got really dry after awhile. And redundant.

For the record, I still think this is scripted for television. Rasheeda’s newest revelation comes out just in time for Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta newest season’s premiere. Just in case you missed it, Rasheeda says that she stayed in her marriage because Kirk wasn’t the only one who cheated.

This news is both surprising and anticlimactic. She cheated, he cheated. They stayed together. That’s what married folks do.

The difference is Rasheeda cheated and it was kept a secret.

Kirk cheated and it’s been the storyline for the last three seasons. We’ve all hated Kirk but clearly these two have an understanding.

If there is a lesson in this for any of us, it’s mind your business. Folks mad at Kirk for no reason. Kirk and Rasheeda may not be the fairytale version of black love but they are a great example of going through obstacles in your marriage and sticking it out.

The only difference between them and your parents is they get a check from Mona.

I’m over the Kirk and Rasheeda storyline. Surely these two must have something to talk about other than having sex with other people. I know marriage is hard but surely there has to be more to their story. Since they are putting themselves out there as an example of black love, maybe their storyline will have depth in and out the bedroom this season.

In the meantime, #ForgiveKirk.

Hell, Rasheeda did.

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