I don’t want to talk about the Catholic church.

We are a largely non-Catholic group anyway. Right Saints? We can participate in the conversations but that’s largely a problem that doesn’t involve us.

I don’t want to talk about Harvey Weinstein vs. R. Kelly either. Both men are guilty and deserve jail time. I don’t understand how this is still a debate but I guess it’s interesting enough to talk about.

I do, however, want to talk about why we don’t have more conversations in the black community about black churches. Have we become blind or silent to their behavior?

Before the “not every pastor” group comes at me, no shit. I am not talking about everyone, just a prevailing culture that seems to get swept under the rug over and over again in many black churches. So hush.

I cringed when Pastor Charles E. Ellis III inappropriately grabbed Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin’s funeral that was publicly broadcasted to millions. There was no shame in his game. I think we don’t talk enough about Bishop Eddie Long and the sexual abuse allegations that followed him till his death. Our pastors should be beyond reproach and those most visible at the top should be the standard bearers for our faith. As if sexual deviancy isn’t bad enough, we also have to contend with the upper echelon of black pastors selling us out in the name of fame and money. Al Sharpton. Jessie Jackson. Creflo Dollar. Darrell Scott and every other black pastor that has ever met with Donald Trump.

Black churches are rooted in black culture so I get why it can be offensive to be critical. But I’m going to do it anyway.

There has to be more conversation. More ways of holding these leaders accountable for their behavior.

We have a whole #MeToo movement in the black church and we are being way too silent about it. You think the children in the church don’t see what’s going on then grow up and repeat the same behavior? Train up a child, right?

I am disgusted with Pastor John Gray. And his wife. They are both toxic. They are the antithesis of what the black church is supposed to be about and should be ashamed of themselves for the spectacle they have put on over the last few months.

My wife endured more pain birthing me than our children he said. No shit I thought. Who wants to be married to a grown child? It wasn’t her responsibility to birth you, Pastor Gray.

When he gifted his wife a 200k Lamborghini, I knew he cheated. I knew this press run was a giant apology to his wife and an even bigger “fuck you” to his side chick. People forgave Pastor Gray, applauded his wife and moved on.

Almost. Pastor Gray and his wife Aventer wouldn’t let it go. They wouldn’t stop going on national t.v discussing the affair from their very biased point of view.

Pastor Gray could have left it alone. After all, his sidechick was silent about the affair. It must suck being the side chick watching your boyfriend and his wife lie about you on national television while the wife pushes an expensive car from interview to interview talking shit about you. The sidechick was classy though. Until Pastor Gray denied he slept with her. Something about denying he interacted with her physically made her produce receipts that I can never unsee.

Now we know Pastor Gray speaks in tongues when he cums, as per his sidechick. His wife said she put scripture on that strange woman. But did she put scripture on her husband? He was the one standing in the pulpit committing adultery. Neither one of them are worth a damn. I especially enjoyed the part when he said he wasn’t a pastor when he bought his wife a lambo, he was a husband. I hope his entire congregation remembers that when it’s time to make your pockets lighter for the collection plate. Where does being a pastor end and being a husband begin, for collection plate purposes? His mistress got flewed out to international countries, received shopping sprees, cash apps (in the name of the Lord, as per Pastor Gray) and a new BMW. He must think we are stupid. How is this level of misappropriating funds not a crime?

We shouldn’t be surprised. If you can cheat, then lying should be no problem.

Speaking in tongues while committing adultery is a new low. I don’t know what spirit entered that man but it wasn’t holy. Aventer called that woman everything but a child of God while listening to her husband tell other women how walk in the sprit of a wife, all while cheating on his.

And this is who we are supposed to follow?

I have yet to meet someone in my generation or younger who credits televangelists for saving their soul. At this point, it’s one big reality tv show, a real life minstrel representation of black churches.

It has to stop. Surely the time is coming for black churches to evolve. I can’t be the only one excited to see what that looks like because these old school black churches with toxic behaviors  need to become a thing of the past.

Maybe one day black choir directors can finally come out the clo…nevermind. Too soon.

The point is black churches are a #MeToo movement in themselves. They better hope more stories don’t make it to the mainstream media. It might make you look at how you absorb the word differently. Some of these pastors feel like nothing more than middle men between us and the word. What happens when you can no longer trust the messenger? Is it time to cut the middle man out of religion?

No matter how you look at it, we have some dirty laundry we need to address and it’s not going to clean itself.

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