Junior Guzman-Feliz has been laid to rest.

In his death remains more questions than answers. Millions of people have tuned in to the tragedy of this young man’s death and hope that everyone involved receives what they deserve.

Everyone jumped for joy when the men who savagely killed Junior were arrested and reduced to their new status of inmate in the New York City Department of Corrections. I hope they are showed the same amount of humanity as Kalief Browder. They deserve every punishment the laws allow.

Justice still hasn’t been served though. There is one person noticably absent from this conversation: Stephanie Astacio. This all started because Stephanie had sex with a boy. There are mixed reports if this boy was her boyfriend or someone else she engaged in intercourse with. Somehow a video of herself engaging in sexual acts ended up on social media and her brother was made aware of it. Stephanie, in an attempt to protect her lover, pointed out Junior instead and the rest is history.

Stephanie has been called a victim and a lot of her information is protected due to her age. I’m tired of Stephanie being called a victim. I cringe when people allude to her age and insist she needs to be protected. If she’s grown enough to have sex, allow it to be recorded, lie on an innocent boy, and be the catalyst for a murder, I refuse to cloak her in the innocence of childhood. Her lack of home training and values is loathsome.

If you recall the details of the Emmitt Till murder, young Emmitt was murdered for whistling at a white girl. Decades later, the woman who accused him of whistling at her said he never deserved to die because it never happened. While Emmett’s death was racially motivated, it was clear he was a pawn in a racially unjust society. Fast forward to 2018, the #MeToo movement is beginning to feel like what racial politics felt like to black men during the Jim Crow era and we need to protect our son’s more now than ever from a movement that is out of control.

Women’s Rights have come a long way and the #MeToo movement has been birthed in a new era of feminism. Supporters of the #MeToo movement have gotten behind Stephanie Astacio, insisting she is a victim.

The only victim here is Junior. Stephanie is a liar and an accomplice to murder. When she put a target on Junior’s head and had him killed, regardless of her intentions, she became as guilty as the men who killed him. Yet, people still defend her.

I’m far from a rape apologist. I’m a mom to both a young girl and a young boy so I carry a different perspective on the intersectionality of women’s rights, the #MeToo movement, and protecting our boys from extremists of these two groups.

Females are not more valuable than males.

Males deserve to be protected too. How can we publicly crucify the store owner for Junior’s death but not the girl who intentionally pointed him out, despite knowing Junior was innocent?

There needs to be Justice for Junior and that won’t happen until Stephanie Astacio has been arrested and charged accordingly in the brutal slaying of Junior Guzman-Feliz.

Mark my words, if Junior were my son, Stephanie would be in a morgue.

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