The Game is a clout chaser.

And a hypocrite.

Am I the only one who was tired of seeing him on my timeline everyday following the news of Nipsey Hussle’s death? Dude, we get it. You are from Compton. You are in a gang, allegedly. You knew him and needed to let the world know you were in mourning. Everyday. On social media.

And I get why Lauren London tatted Nipsey on her body. Het tattoo is dope. But Game? A whole chest tattoo? Why? Because clout chasing.

The way The Game was carrying on, I just knew his eulogy was going to be heartfelt and sincere at the funeral. Nipsey’s closest friends and family all spoke, eulogizing a man that deserved every heartfelt word that was spoken. It doesn’t look like The Game was asked to speak though. It appears The Game knew Nipsey Hussle but he didn’t really know Nipsey Hussle. Maybe Game is just a loud heartbroken fan who needed attention.

Game definitely got that attention when Kodak Black shared some words for Lauren London. While Kodak’s words were out of touch, tacky, and uncouth, my jaw dropped when I heard The Game fix his mouth to say anything. The Game is a disrespectful washed up exotic dancer turned 50 Cent’s former protege who can never get that moment in the spotlight back.

Isn’t The Game the same derelict who recently disrespected the wives of Kanye West and Joe Budden? Didn’t The Game release a whole song last year about Kim saying “I held Kim Kardashian by the throat, ni**a, I made her swallow my kids till she choked ni**a.” He didn’t stop there, he continued “I should apologize cause Ye my folks, ni**a.” The gag? Kanye is still very much alive. And Kim is a mom of 4, a serial entrepreneur and doing more for the black community than Game ever has. In my humble opinion, this was way more disrespectful than what Kodak Black said. The Game needs attention because no one is buying his albums. That must be why he threatened to release a sex tape of him and Joe Budden’s girl. For the record, no one wants to see a Game sex video. No one.

So this isn’t about respect. If it was, Game would have never come at Kim or Cyn the way he did. For the record, any man who attacks a woman is weak. I noticed he never went toe to toe with Kanye or Joe Budden. Probably because he can’t. Nipsey probably called Game “a lame f*ck ni**a” when he wasn’t around. I know I do.

Was Kodak wrong? Yes. But Kodak is a grown kid who needs more life experiences so he can grow up. What’s Game’s excuse? He doesn’t care about Lauren London. Or respect. Game is a modern day sambo looking for attention because no one is checking for his music. He’s lame. Corny.

Can someone please tell this unsuccessful 40+ rapper to hang it up? He hasn’t had a hit since I was in college. Let it go.

And learn to respect women before karma visits your daughter and teaches you a lesson you don’t want to learn.

Maybe City Girls can teach you how to twerk something and put you in one of their videos since you have so much experience on the pole. Instead of “likes”, you can earn real dollars.

In the mean time, stop clout chasing. You are everything Nipsey was against. We aren’t laughing with you, we’re laughing at you. Try putting out a real project for once through a record company instead of Instagram. How are the younger generation of rappers supposed to listen to you when you are twice their age and just as immature?

They won’t. So stop acting surprised for the cameras.

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