Class, name your top 3 Jacquees songs?

Don’t worry, I can’t either.

I can’t even spell his name. I definitely Googled it as I wrote this.

I don’t understand how someone who remade someone else’s song on an unofficial remix that went viral thinks he is the King of anything. He couldn’t even convince the record company to give him a deal off that song based on the views it got. How can he be the King of R and B when he can’t even be the King of his own career?

I’ve never heard Michael, Marvin, or Chris Brown try to down the next singer self-proclaiming they are the king of anything. They didn’t have to. Their talent speaks for itself.

R. Kelly has claimed the king title but let’s be real. Jacquees is no R. Kelly, flaws and all. R. Kelly’s talent is unfuckwithable. You would be hard pressed to find better writers than R. Kelly in this generation. The Dream and Neyo are definitely up there though.

There is a wide gap between the talent that R. Kelly, The Dream and Neyo have and the talent that Jacquees thinks he has.

Lightening doesn’t always strike twice. Someone might wanna tell Jacquees that he should be a little more humble, build more bridges and take some singing lessons.

I can’t be the only one tired of him singing in the same key in every song. Get some range and business sense and try again.

Side bar: Has he ever went platinum?

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