So, this is what full circle looks like?

Is Khloe still trying to make the world hate Jordyn Woods?

The Kardashians are infamous for stealing other women’s men. Now they want sympathy?

I can’t be the only one who remembers Amber Rose licking Kanye on the red carpet them boom, he was cheating with Kim. Kanye was in a whole relationship when Kim came along and seduced him.

Trina found out Khloe was sexing French Montana on social media, and Khloe was Trina’s friend. Can you imagine scrolling down your timeline and finding out your man is cheating with your friend? To add insult to injury, Khloe was very public about the affair. Jordyn was young and drunk when she kissed Tristan. Khloe was grown and dead sober.

Black Chyna was engaged in a very public friendship with Kim Kardashian when underaged Kylie Jenner started dating her boyfriend Tyga. Not a peep from Kim.

Don’t forget Tristan Third Trimester Thompson had a whole pregnant girlfriend he up and left so he could keep up with the Kardashians.

Even Kris was known to cheat on her first husband.

What we aren’t going to do is pretend the Kardashians are victims.

The only thing lower than Khloe Kardashian’s self esteem is her disregard for black women.

Scott cheated on her sister publicly with everyone and they are still best friends.

21 year old Jordyn didn’t ruin your family sis, karma did. Tristian is 26 years old. At almost 40 years old, Khloe should have more sense and self-respect then try to trap a young, rich ball player with a baby. If he wanted you, he would have married you. You wanted a half black baby now you have one. Now go be a single mother with class, like Tristan’s other baby mama.

Instead of sending the social media lynch mob to crucify Jordyn, maybe Khloe should take a look at herself and assess why men use her for fame and sex then leave. What else does she have to offer other than being famous because of her sister’s sex tape?

The cyber bullying is trash just like that whole family and Black Twitter and the Smith family were not here for it. It was refreshing to see melanin stick together.

Damage control is in full gear. Hopefully this round of clean up doesn’t involve yet another Kardashian baby and more plastic surgery. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are cute but they feel like little bundles of PR. Please spare us another Khloe pregnancy,

Ugh, at this point the only Kardashian that can be trusted is Dream.

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