Feminism is a white woman’s movement.

I’m pro-black period.

It’s easy to love Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.

It was a little harder to love Janet Jackson post baby when she announced her divorce. She was everything but a child of God.

If a black woman isn’t married and playing the part, suddenly respect is hard to give.

Janet was a gold digger.

Naomi Campbell was a slut.

Mariah was crazy.

Jennifer Lopez was a hoe.

Christina Milian was loose.

Suddenly everyone hated Amber Rose again.

Thank God Rihanna doesn’t care what you think.

It’s no surprise that Black Chyna is being dragged by the media by men with frail egos and women who don’t know how to check those egos at the door.

Black Chyna has always been transparent about who and what she is.

Last I checked, no one was checking for Black Chyna for her mind.

She isn’t Dr. Black Chyna. She isn’t Black Chyna J.D.

She is a second generation stripper with a hustler’s mentality and her come up is karmic gold.

There is no difference between Black Chyna and the Kardashians.

The Kardashian’s finessed black culture for profit. Black Chyna finessed the Kardashians.

Black Chyna is our “O.J. prize’ for gentrifying black culture with no regard for black people.

Black Chyna is a giant middle finger for boxer braids, big lips, gentrified black bodies, those stupid tee shirts, Tyga, Naya Rivera, Amandla Astenberg, Reggie Bush, Adrienne Bailon, Amber Rose, Kanye West, Ray-J, Lamar Odom’s career and half of Kris Humphries.

This isn’t a conversation about right or wrong. I don’t care what Black Chyna does with her vagina, that’s between her and her OBGYN.

You think she is a thot? Cool, she clearly doesn’t care and you shouldn’t either.

This situation opens a festered wound regarding race and black women’s bodies in this country.

I couldn’t care less about Rob, his feelings, mental health or how he got used. He’s depressed, not brain dead.

Rob Kardashian wasn’t in a relationship, he was in a transaction with a woman that could be bought and now he has buyer’s remorse.

The entire Kardashian family treats black bodies and black culture like transactions.

Black Chyna was okay to lay and have a baby with but Rob is upset when his daughter is called black. Did anyone else see that episode? #GoogleIt

He leaked Chyna’s nudes on social media, bringing attention to her dark nipples and sculpted butt. He could have easily pointed out her nose job or her lipo but he understands the underlying context of what he said, exposing her as a modern day hottentot Venus for his own ego on a platform that brings out the worst in people behind computer screens who don’t have to be accountable for their misogyny or racism.

Now he wants to hide behind his privilege playing victim for decisions he made exposing a woman he chose.

Black Chyna never wanted Rob Kardashian. She wanted to rob the Kardashian’s.

I hope Black Chyna sues him for negligence and wins millions. I hope Black Chyna continues to lay karmic bombs on the Kardashian family for at least the next 18 years exchanging Kardashian checks for her ability to play them for the culture vultures they are.

The beauty in all of this is there is no clean up. Kris Jenner can’t save the day with some publicity spin because Black Chyna is playing chess and she learned from the sorcerers of social media.

Kris Jenner can’t damage Black Chyna without compromising her youngest grandchild.

Rock, meet hard place.

Black Chyna is the universe’s gift to all of our anti-Kardashian prayers so let’s live in the moment.

Black Chyna, adjust your crown, Kris Jenner is watching.

And we are watching you

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