Was I surprised when Eddie Murphy’s ex –wife was spotted making out with Lela Rochon’s husband? No. Why would I be? Nicole Murphy has been living her best City Girl life, courtesy of Eddie’s alimony and child support, since he divorced her. Sis is a pretty face, bad body and probably has that enthusiastic vagina that men wish for, at the right price of course.

This isn’t the first husband that Nicole has pursued, she’s a professional mistress. When Lisa Raye was First Lady of Turks and Caicos, Nicole was his proud side chick. Nicole is 51 years old with five children. She’s also the ex-wife of one of the most famous comedians that has ever graced a mic. No one is signing up for that type of pressure so she’s had to resort to being a professional side chick and beard. Sis ain’t getting any younger, she has to know her days are numbered so she is out to find a rich man by any means necessary before AARP kicks in.

This week, she is bedding Lela Rochon’s husband. In case you don’t know who these people are, Lela Rochon was one of the baddest actresses in the 90’s. She starred in Waiting to Exhale, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, and Any Given Sunday. If you go even further back, she was in Harlem Nights and Boomerang. Her husband is Antoine Fuqua, film director most noted for his work in Training Day and Equalizer. In other words, he’s right up Nicole’s alley because Antoine is paid.

If money and a hard dick is all that matters, Antoine is your guy. Clearly that’s all Nicole thinks she’s worth because why else would you sleep with a man who can’t commit to you? He can’t even commit to his wife. Antoine has a son outside his marriage. He begged the courts to reduce his 10k payments every month to 3k and he also owed 86k in back child support. Then there was the “model” overseas he allegedly “barebacked one time” and had a daughter. What’s better than 2 side babies? Three. Let’s not forget the rumored outside baby with the Toronto bartender. All these children are in addition to the two children he shares with his wife of 20 years, Lela Rochon.

Have you seen pictures of Lela lately? Sis looks stressed. Hell, if my husband had 3 outside babies, I would be stressed too but I blame everyone in this situation. Lela let herself go. No, I’m not talking about her weight, I’m talking about her self-esteem. Lela is a celebrated actress in her own right yet she seems to have gotten lost in the shadows of being a wife to a man who doesn’t deserve her. I don’t care how many years they have been married, he doesn’t love her. He can’t love someone that he keeps hurting. Yet, she stays. At some point she has to own that decision. The length of their marriage isn’t a testimony to their love, it’s a tragic love story and a testimony to what she has to put up with in the name of being someone’s wife.

Antoine Fuqua better hope he doesn’t get sick because it isn’t going to be Nicole that takes care of him through sickness and health. Too often men chase shiny things forgetting the value of what’s in front of them. And he better hope he produces a new hit sometime soon. Training Day was a long time ago and child support and alimony ain’t cheap.

Ladies, don’t let yourself go. Don’t get lost in relationships that clearly aren’t for you. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for money, material possessions or the title of wife. You only have one life to live. If he isn’t all in, take a page out of Nicole Murphy’s book and live your best City Girl life, avoid people’s husbands and don’t become a professional vagina though.

In the meantime, don’t sleep on Lela. I hope she gets that revenge body and shows her husband, and the world, why she was one of the baddest women the 90s ever saw. I pray for an epic comeback, child support and alimony, all in the name of karma. I’m #TeamLela and hope one day, Lela is #TeamLela too.

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