The internet is brutal. Everyone has something to say.

I guess when you live your life so publicly, it leaves the door open for people throw stones and cast aspersions on your character. Suddenly everyone is a psychologist living in glass mansions.

The internet is a jungle and every beast with a keyboard or a smartphone is waiting to be heard. Unfortunately, it’s the meanest comments that gets the most likes. In the world of social media, likes are a currency people are willing to exchange for their souls.

Last November, Kim Porter, Diddy’s ex and mother to his children, passed away. Her untimely death was tragic for so many reasons. So many poured out sympathies for her children, all of whom are still young enough to need their mom. Since her passing, people have gone out their way to chastise Diddy about how he handled their relationship while she was alive.

Now he wants to act like he loves her, he should have married her!

First of all, marriage isn’t for everyone. What was he supposed to do, marry her and be a terrible husband? If he couldn’t get it right as a boyfriend, kudos to him for having the wherewithal to not make her a wife knowing he couldn’t honor that commitment.

He had all those babies with her then left her for Cassie.

And? Men cheat. Women cheat. She chose to have those babies too. Diddy is and always has been a great father, regardless of where he stood with the mothers of his children. Is he never supposed to date again because the relationship didn’t work out with his children’s mothers? If that’s the case, almost all of us should be single.

Don’t cry for her now. You only miss her because she’s dead.

First of all, mind your business. Relationships are complicated and we don’t know the ins and outs of their relationship. Of course he misses her, they spent years together, birthed children and raised them. Then she died. Is he not supposed to miss her?

Put your hand over your heart? You feel that heartbeat? That means we are human and to be human means we are all going to make mistakes in life and live with regrets. Diddy is hurting, confused and living daily with a reminder of his past transgressions. You know the pain is real when a billionaire is responding to the mean things people say to him online every time he posts a picture of his ex.

Seriously, have a heart. Leave that man alone, let him be human and grieve. Instead of keyboard thugging, keep him and his children lifted in prayer. Her death was a heavy loss and he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. Isn’t that enough?

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