White America is still bitter.

Don’t believe me?

OJ hasn’t been on trial for Ron Goldman’s death since 1994 and white America still wants him to burn in hell.

Wypipo want OJ to pay because he’s black, rich, and killed a white man.

OJ committed the highest crime in this country. Not only was he accused of killing a white man but he was found innocent by a jury of predominantly black folks.

The OJ trial was the biggest blow to white people since the Confederate lost the Civil War.

Much like the civil war, there’s a large population of white people who are still angry and won’t get over it.

When white people commit crimes and are found innocent, they get to live their lives.

Did OJ kill Nicole?

No one cares. She was the cheating spouse who got swept under the rug because cheating women are too taboo to talk about, or protect.

If Nicole was the only murder victim, OJ would be living his best life right now.

Did OJ kill Ron Goldman? Probably.

And that’s enough to be crucified in the United States of America.

Casey Anthony killed her daughter.

George Zimmerman killed a black kid.

The police kill people every day.

No one bats an eye. They were found innocent by the same judicial system that found OJ innocent. The only difference is they get to live their lives.

Not OJ.

You don’t get to kill a white man in this country and live freely.

We can pretend to be post racial but the entire Trump presidency proves that white men want to solidify their status quo and white women are behind them with tiki torches and feminism.

I never understand why white people want black people to get over slavery but they can’t even get over the OJ trial. Or the Civil War.

Dangerous things happen when you engage a man’s wife into an illicit affair.

If Ron kept his penis out of someone else’s wife, maybe he would be alive.

I’m not saying it’s right but I understand.

OJ is a prime example of white people creating a monster in the name of football. OJ pretended he wasn’t black for years and the owners loved every moment. They got to pretend they were colorblind and catapulted OJ into a multimillion dollar brand.

Until Ron died and that black man walked away free.

For the record, if OJ would have stayed with his first wife…nevermind.

The glove didn’t fit. Get over it.

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